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According to Section 64AC Road Traffic Act 1974, the term drug driving means “A person who drives or attempts to drive a motor vehicle while a prescribed illicit drug is present in the person’s oral fluid or blood is found to be guilty.” or according to section 64AB, “a person who drives or attempts to drive a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs is also considered to be guilty an offence for long periods and have ruinous effects on your way of life, your employment and international travel chances. Our lawyers can run through the situation of your case and can provide appropriate legal advice and a legal pathway forward.

At Traffic Lawyers Perth, our Drug Driving Lawyers can help you by examining the situations in which you were charged, and see if you will be capable of bringing up any defense against it or not. This may help you to lessen the penalty or drop the charge in total. Our lawyers may ask few questions regarding the situation to understand the case completely. A drug driving lawyer can also provide you legal advice about your charge, plea or the penalty you are likely to get.

If you need any advice or help regarding drug driving offence, feel free to contact us. Traffic Lawyers Perth, WA will provide the best and experienced lawyers to support and help you.

Our Process

Contact Traffic Lawyers Perth and we will confidentially discuss your alleged drug driving case in details to understand the circumstances and then we will be able to tell you that we can help or not. If we are in a position to help then we will appoint one of our best drug lawyers Perth, who will review the documents and will be able to show the possible outcome they expect and the legal path they would like to take to ensure the best positive results. Our lawyers will answer all your queries and clear your doubts. They will provide the details of the legal process, its fees, outcomes etc. to you and then you can decide whether to hire us or not.

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Traffic lawyers Perth are always ready to help you with your legal issues. To contact us, you can give us a call on the given number or send us an email on the given email address. Feel free to get in touch with us and get appropriate consultation from our expert solicitors.

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