Demerit Points

How Many DE-Merit Points Can An Individual Have?

If an individual is holding a driving license for two or more years and is accumulating altogether twelve or more demerit points within a period of 3 years, then the Government is liable to impose a demerit charge on the individual, which means that the driving license of the individual will be suspended and they will be disqualified from driving over a certain period of time.
Ways To Check Demerit Points?
There are two that should be understandable for an individual on how to check demerit points. This is also same if an individual wants to check in their demerit points Perth. For this it is very important for an individual to have their driving license:

    • An individual can contact The Department of Transport Demerit Point Hotline on the given number 1300 720 111. This is an automated service.
    • It is possible for an individual to check their demerit points on the website of The Department of Transport Demerit Point Hotline.

Our lawyers always recommend individuals to keep a check on their demerit points.

Demerit Points

For the beneficial of every individual the lawyers in Traffic Lawyers Perth has arranged the demerit points that can be imposed on an individual for breaking certain law. Few of such demerit points are enlisted below.

  • For Dangerous driving – 6 Demerits
  • For Careless Driving – 3 Demerits
  • Driver not wearing a seat belt – 4 Demerits
  • Driver not wearing a seat belt along with unrestrained passengers – 4 Demerits
  • Driver wearing seat belt along with unrestrained passengers – 4 Demerits
  • For not Stopping at red light – 3 Demerits
  • Overtake when safe – 4 Demerits
  • Exceeding speed limit 19km/h but not more than 29km/h – 3 Demerits
  • Exceeding speed limit 29km/h but not more than 40km/h – 6 Demerits
  • Exceeding speed limit 40km/h – 7 Demerits

Now these are all the possible demerit points that can be imposed on a driver. Most of the time in an emergency situation it is not possible for the driver to remember the clauses of all the demerit points. Consult our highly qualified lawyers for a session to seek guidance regarding the demerit points. Our experience panel of lawyers are always there to guide the individuals to fulfill their need.

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