Life Disqualifications

What Lifetime Disqualification Can Lead To?

An individual is liable to get permanent lifetime disqualification if the court impose some serious traffic offending issues. The offences leading to life disqualifications vary on certain terms and conditions. It is always recommend to seek proper legal advice from respective lawyers about the offence that the individuals are charged with. Traffic Lawyers Perth, WA is always there to help the individuals for clearing any doubt regarding the issues of life disqualifications.

If an individual is disqualified then the they hold the right to plead to Court for removal of the disqualification after 10 years. These applications are quite lengthy in nature and are performed under the supervision of District Courts. Traffic Lawyers Perth can give an individual a proper legal advice to remove the disqualification.

What Happens If An Individual Is Found Driving While Disqualified?

Some serious problem awaits the individual if they are found driving while disqualified. The individual will receive some heavy penalties and also an additional 9 months of disqualification added to the current disqualification period. Sometimes, an individual can also be required to serve cumulative disqualification after their disqualification period is over if they are found guilty of driving while disqualified. Continuing to drive without license may lead to imprisonment depending on the charges. Another major problem that can arise while driving when disqualified is that if an individual gets involved in an accident, then they would not have any insurance charges to cover the loss. Since, insurance charges are related with the license so all the charges will be a debt on the individual to clear.

Reasons For Getting Lifetime Disqualification

There are several reasons for which the court can impose the accusation of permanent disqualification on the individual. Some are given below:

  • If the individual refuses to take a breath test.
  • If the individual is caught doing reckless driving for consecutive times.
  • If the individual is found to have a history of offending traffic rules several other times.
  • If the individual is found driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both several times

It is important to have a clean traffic record. Having an offensive traffic record can cause serious problems. Get in touch with the best lawyers to represent you in this situation. Feel free to Contact Traffic Lawyers Perth to get proper guidance

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