Law Related To Reckless Driving

Traffic Lawyers Perth, WA suggests every individual to consult a professional lawyer for matters related to reckless driving. According to Road Traffic Act 1974 Section 60 an individual driving a motor vehicle deliberately in a manner that is dangerous or it can lead to a situation that can cause trouble to the public and the society then the government considers this as a offence. A police holds the right to interrogate a speeding vehicle when the vehicle exceeds the given speeding limit of 45 km/h or is driving at a speed of 155 km/h or more. The individuals are subject to penalties if they exceed the limit.

What If I Try To Escape The Pursuit

If an individual tries to escape the pursuit committing an offense of reckless driving the government has implemented a mandatory 6 months of imprisonment for the individuals which lead for a period of up to 5 years.

It is always better to contact reckless driver lawyers rather than handling the situation yourself which can get you in more trouble. We will provide you with an instant response over email or phone once we hear from you.


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Traffic lawyers Perth has the finest of reckless driver lawyers to get an individual out of any situation. Our reckless driver lawyers can help an individual by looking at the facts and circumstances of the case and provide proper legal advise to the accused individuals. Our lawyers are experienced enough to spot any flaws in the prosecutors evidence and give suggestions according to that. Our lawyers will also let you know about the possible evidences to bring up in the hearing. If an individual has already been found guilty, our attorneys can negotiate with the court in order to diminish the charges and make the penalties as less as possible. So if you are stuck in such a legal issue contact Traffic Lawyers Perth.

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