What Is A Breath Test?

A breath test is a test which is persuaded on an individual by the police involving continuous blowing into a tube attached to the equipment to calculate the amount of Blood Alcohol Content. There are different groups of BAC, and the punishments are also different depending on the numbers. The Government consider refusal of breath test as a criminal offense and the convicted individual can be put behind the bars also depending upon the severity of the matter.

According to Road Traffic Act 1974 an individual refusing to cooperate with the requirement provided by the police officer for providing a breath or urine sample should face punishment for refusing breath test. Punishment can sometimes be severe for refusing the breath test. So it is better to consult Traffic Lawyers Perth for the best outcome of the case.

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What If An Individual Does Not Co-operate?

According to Section 63 of the Act, an individual should pay penalty for refusing a breath test. The punishment for refusing breathe test depends on the driving history of the individual and the circumstance that led to the refusal. It is always recommended to consult an expert to guide you through the involved processes properly.


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How Traffic Lawyers Perth Can Be Helpful?

Our experienced lawyers are always helpful in any situation when it comes to a tussle with the law and order.

  • An attorney can convince the court by providing proper information and witnesses that the accused individual was not the driver of the motor vehicle
  • A professional and experience attorney can manipulate the court in your favor by proving that the accused individual was convicted to commit the offence due to external pressure, threat and violence against the individual.
  • An experienced attorney can convince the judge by pleading that the accused individual had to intentionally drive carelessly in order to prevent some greater harm. The court can consider the accused if their intention was justified seeing the greater aspect of the result.
  • It depends on the lawyer to prove that the circumstances that led to the accusation were due to a sudden accident.

The outcome of the case depends on the experience of the lawyer that an individual choose. Traffic Lawyer Perth has experience attorney to represent an individual and to come up with the best possible outcome. They will not only make sure that the case gets dismissed as soon as possible but also maintain the reputation of their client. So if an individual is accused in the future for this charges then contacting Traffic Lawyer Perth, WA is always a good option.

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