Non Payment of Fines

Laws Related To Non-Payment Of Fines And What Does It Lead To

There are certain guidelines for non payment of fines sentencing guidelines as per Traffic Lawyers Perth.

  • According to Section 42 of Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994 – Notice of Intention to Enforce when an individual receives a particular fine, the Registrar is liable to make a notice to the individual for non payment of fines. The notice must be served to the individual to take it into action. The notice states that unless the money which is paid within the due date the Registrar holds the liability to make a license suspension order, issue an arrest warrant, issue an order to attend for work and development and may issue a warrant for commitment.
  • According to Section 43 of Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994 – License Suspension Order if the time for returning the due amount has exceeded by 28 days the Registrar is liable to make a license of suspension to the offender. If the offender is an individual then the suspension will lead the individual to lose the driving license or the vehicle license upon which the fine was implemented. If the offender is an organization then the suspension may lead them to lose their license of the vehicle upon which the fine was implemented or in respect to any vehicle. If an individual fails to pay the required amount the Registrar may publish all the required personal details of the individual in the website. One may be also required to work in community services to make up for the payment. The worst case scenario can lead to enforcement warrant which allows the Sheriff to take the belongings of an individual to sell it for money.

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