Disqualified Driving

Accusations That An Individual Can Face When Caught While Disqualified From Driving

According to Road Traffic Act 1974 Section 49 an individual caught driving a motor vehicle on road without getting official any kind of official permission under the Road Traffic Act 2008 is charged under an offense of breaking serious law. There are chances for arising a lot of accusations if an individual gets caught driving while disqualified:

  • An individual may be disqualified from driving for 9 months atleast.
  • An individual can be charged huge penalty for driving while disqualified.
  • An individual can also end up being in prison for driving while disqualified.
  • An individual won’t have any insurance because the insurance are always attached with the driving license. If the individual is involved in an accident than it is upon the individual to compensate the charges of the damages occurred due to the accident. Punishment can get more serious if the individual gets caught more than once.

It is always advisable to start sooner with the disqualification case. The more the individual delays the more the days they have to wait for the result.

Applying For Your Driver’s License Again

If the license of an individual gets disqualified for a couple of years or more, even for lifetime than the individual is liable to apply for the fresh license before the period ends. But it is important for the individual to wait for a certain amount time and consult a lawyer before taking any steps on their own. An application of an individual may get rejected if applied at the wrong time. So it is understandable how important is a driving license to an individual. It is always better to hire a lawyer and seek proper advice before beginning the application process.

Why Traffic Lawyers Perth?

No one in the society wants to have a criminal history. This can lead an individual to a lot of troubles. Getting caught driving while disqualified can result in imprisonment leading to the name of the individual to be remaining in the police history. Traffic Lawyers Perth has the best team that a city can offer who not only can prove the individual innocent in the court but also sometimes can finish the case before it gets into the courtroom. The best part is they assure for no record of criminal history of an individual. For further information contact Traffic Lawyers Perth.

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