Theft of Motor Vehicle

Related Laws

  • According to the Section 378 any individual who is involved in stealing guilty of a crime.
  • According to Section 371A if an individual is using a motor vehicle without proper consent of the owner than it is also considered as stealing. The individual either driving a motor vehicle or using it for their own purpose or taking charge over it without the consent of the owner or the person in charge of the motor vehicle unlawfully, then it is treated as the same criminal offense.

Outcomes Related To The Case

  • An individual found guilty of stealing or taking charge of the motor vehicle unlawfully can be sentenced to prison for 7 years. If the individual unlawfully stole the motor vehicle and escapes the police pursuit then the individual will be sentenced to imprisonment for at least 8 years. Our professional lawyers can negotiate with the court to make the imprisonment to a suspended imprisonment where the individual is allowed to live in the community under some strict supervision. It generally depends on the argument that your lawyer can submit in the court. Traffic Lawyers Perth has always been the right choice for every individual going through such situations.
  • If the property that the individual took control was valued at a price for $10,000 then the imprisonment last up to a couple of years. Again, if the property value does not exceed $1000 then the individual can suffer a fine of $24,000. Our lawyers can always negotiate with the court to implement the minimum fine possible in your favor related to theft of a motor vehicle.

Why Traffic Lawyers Perth?

If the individual has suffered some monetary loss during the legal proceedings the court can also consider that. But who will be the one doing it for the individual? Traffic Lawyers Perth has extensive experience in dealing with the cases of theft of a motor vehicle and has helped several individuals overcome this situation.

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