An Overview Of The Penalties In Australia For Careless Driving

April 13, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
An Overview Of The Penalties In Australia For Careless Driving

Driving without due attention is considered an offence in Australia. Careless driving can encourage violations that can cause serious injury to the guileless person. Considering this, the careless driving penalty is also stringent in Australian regions.

Occurring an accident can make you encounter those authoritarian penalties. Regardlessly, the penalties can concur even if your recklessness has not caused any harm while driving. Simply put, even carelessness while driving can get you sued by the Law.

While driving regularly, we tend to avoid some of the major laws that can get us in trouble and cease our driving privileges. Hence, the blog has synthesised the driving activities that are against Australian Law so that you can avoid them while driving for your own safety.

What Driving Activities Are Against Australian Law?

Causing an accident is the biggest crime someone can commit while driving. The reasons can be the driver’s recklessness or due to any other reasons. The police can charge you even due to a small accident or negligible injury.

Let us come to ‘What if you have not harmed anyone while driving? Can you still get charged?’ The answer is yes. There are certain regulations in driving, neglecting which can make the police impose considerable charges on you. If any of these happens to you, you can consider consulting the traffic offence lawyers to acquire an outcome.

The following offences are some of them.

  • Driving dangerously.
  • Driving recklessly.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt.
  • Driving with unrestrained passengers.
  • For not stopping at the signals.
  • Overtaking another vehicle.
  • Exceeding a certain speed limit.
  • Using a mobile phone while driving.

The charges for these offences are rarely ignorable. The police can get you in custody or accuse you of charges for driving recklessly. Often you can be asked for a huge compensation. Consequently, you will end up losing some of the necessary driving privileges.

If any one of these happens to you, you can contact the highly qualified lawyers from Traffic Lawyers Perth to get the help you need.

What Are The Careless Driving Penalties In Australia?

Driving carelessly is a serious offence, as it is the reason behind many heart-hitting road accidents. As a result, its charges are also severe. A careless driving penalty varies according to its consequences.


Breaking traffic rules can impose huge compensation charges on you. If you caused an injury to a person, then after taking it to court, the injured person can ask you for a fine. Similarly, it also applies if your reckless driving has damaged the other person’s belongings, whether it is the vehicle or property.

After dragging the matter to court, you will have to pay the fine you owe to the victim. In this aspect, the lawyers from Traffic Lawyers Perth can assist you during court sessions to reduce your charges as well as the fine rates.

Demerit Points System

The points that are added to your driving licence after breaking the major driving laws are known as demerit Points. The regulations of the points depend on the date you received your licence. For instance, you start with zero points when you freshly got your licence. You can gain those points after being convicted of breaking traffic rules.

Demerit points exist on your record for two years from the day of the offence committed. If you accumulate higher points, your licence can cease. The gaining of the point varies in every aspect. For example, you can get 6 Demerits for dangerous driving and 3 Demerits for driving carelessly.

Similarly, for not wearing a seatbelt, you gather four demerits on your licence. And for exceeding speed, your licence can get filled with 3, 6, or 7 demerit Points. Hence, if you keep committing driving offences, there is a high chance that your licence has gathered enough points to start your driving restrictions.

Double Demerit Points

The double demerit points apply when a person is subsequently accused of a traffic offence. If you have committed an offence before the completion of a year from your previous crime, then you get charged with double demerit points.

Losing Licence

For committing such an offence, your licence can also get suspended for a particular period of time. During this time, you are not allowed to drive. The penalties can apply to you very seriously if you dare to drive while your licence is on suspension.

Other Penalties

You can also get into an undertaking to behave well for a certain amount of time.

If you have broken the regulations more than two or three times, you must get your points checked. Otherwise, the consequences can make you lose your licence. Or else, if someone accuses you in the future of breaking traffic laws, then the charges can get affected by your demerit points.

In that prospect, the traffic lawyers in Perth WA can help you with guidance regarding demerit points.

How To Know Your Demerit Points?

You can check demerit points yourself through a few easy steps. You need the MyServiceNSW application to begin the process. You need to log in with the details like the registered plate number of your vehicle and your licence details.

Next, you have to follow the steps to check demerit points.

  • Select ‘Check online.’
  • Log in with your licence details or registered plate number.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Review the demerit points account.

Apart from that, you can check your demerit points on the website of The Department of Transport Demerit Point Hotline. Or you can contact their number, which is 1300 720 111. The solicitors from traffic offence lawyers always recommend their clients to keep a check on their demerit points to hold control of the upcoming actions and their consequences.


In conclusion, the blog has provided all the details about the offences and their consequences. If you have a higher demerit point, then feel free to contact Traffic lawyers Perth WA to get advice from resourceful solicitors regarding this.

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