Drug Driving and Drive While Licence Suspended

January 8, 2024    Traffic lawyers Perth
Drug Driving and Drive While Licence Suspended

Driving is considered a privilege for many, but it is an absolute necessity for many others. Driving while drunk or additional violations may result in a licence suspension, which can hurt your capacity to go around and take care of your family.

This blog explains the circumstances under which a DUI licence suspension may occur, other grounds for suspension or revocation, procedures for getting your licence back once it has been temporarily suspended and why hiring a traffic offence lawyer in Australia is necessary.

Reasons for Revocation and Reinstatement of License

Revocation of a licence does not guarantee it will ever be granted again:

In most states, revocation of an action is a serious consequence. For instance, receiving a particular amount of points for violations, being found guilty of driving while suspended, or receiving several DUIs can all result in the revocation of your driver’s licence in almost every state of Australia. Racing, hit-and-run accidents, and DUIs are among the situations that could result in a revocation following several offences. If you were found guilty of a narcotics offence, used fake licence plates, or ignored a court order, you could lose your driver’s licence.

But in most nations, you can also lose your driver’s licence if you don’t follow a child support order. Usually, you must wait a certain amount of time after a licence is revoked before applying for a new licence and passing the required exams. A driver’s licence is a privilege. Thus, you might not be able to obtain another one if yours is suspended.

Revocation can be an optional decision. This means that a judge can decide whether to cancel your licence. In any situation where losing your licence could be the consequence, hiring drug driving lawyers in Perth can be advantageous.

Reasons for Licence Suspension

Administrative licence suspension laws require the automatic suspension of licences under specific circumstances. Implied approval regulations state that you will automatically have your car suspended if you refuse to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test once your car has been properly stopped.

When you apply for a driver’s licence in these states, it is considered that you have granted implied consent to be tested for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Additionally, if you are lawfully stopped, and the results of the chemical test indicate that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at least.08%, you may face an administrative licence suspension in the majority of states of Australia.

Appealing a Suspension

Each state has its own regulations regarding the duration of an administrative licence suspension and its appeal. Usually, you must submit an appeal within a few days of being placed under arrest or receiving a ticket.

When you file an appeal against an administrative licence suspension, a hearing will probably be held to decide whether or not your driving rights should be returned. But, if the prosecution brings DUI charges and you are found guilty, your criminal punishment will probably include another suspension of your driver’s licence.

Reasons for Hiring a Drink Driving Lawyer

If you are arrested for drunk driving, immediately call for a Drink Driving Lawyer in Perth. Let us discuss the reasons why you should hire a DUI lawyer in Perth.

1. They Help You Decide Whether Or Not To Plea Bargain

Often, when you are caught drunk driving, you are given the option of plea-bargaining. It shows that you accept that you are guilty of the crime and are paying certain charges for a reduced punishment. However, you need to find out if the charges applied to you are right or wrong. Opting to hire a traffic offence lawyer will help you know the ins and outs of the prosecution. These professionals know the procedure and can help you reduce punishment by arguing against your favour.

2. They Help You With The Complexities Of DUI Law

Dealing with the law is very complex for the common people. Hiring the services of the best traffic lawyers in Perth can ease your problem. They are well versed with the legal proceedings and know how to go with the further proceedings, making it easy for you to fight your case and be granted a reduced plea.

3. They Can Smoothen Out Any Doubts Regarding Your Arrest

There are times when you are arrested without violating the traffic rules. This calls for hiring a DUI lawyer. They will understand the situation, argue for your case, and obtain justice.

4. They’ve Got Experience In The Courtroom

You will surely get arrested if you are found guilty in a car accident. Furthermore, during your trial in court, you have the right to call for a traffic offence lawyer for fairness, as they have experience in the courtroom. They might not be able to give you the justice you want if you are caught guilty, but they will ensure your rights are considered.

5. Avoid Ignition Interlock Devices

Your car has an ignition interlock system installed, and each time you start your car, you have to blow into it. If you do this, your car will start. These devices are typically necessary for at least a year following your offence.

The passengers will turn out to be anxious because of these devices. In addition, they are costly, and you have to buy and install the device yourself. A drug offence lawyer in Perth can dismiss your case to exempt you from this requirement.

6. Employability in Future

While applying for these jobs, it is imperative to keep in mind that DUI might affect the criminal record if not handled properly. It might also have an impact on your present employment.

The top traffic lawyers will help you fight such cases. To keep this information private, you might have to pay a fine, perform community service, or both.

Consider hiring traffic lawyers in Perth WA, to take care of your case if you want to spare yourself the humiliation of having a job application turned down.


It is not always certain that you are guilty if you are arrested for a DUI charge. You still have a chance to prove your innocence if you think that you are not guilty of the crime. A traffic offence lawyer in Perth will ensure you get a reduced sentence if found guilty; otherwise, they will fight for your emotional damage.

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