Get To Know the Rules Of The Road to Avoid Penalties with Demerit Points

February 7, 2024    Traffic lawyers Perth
Get To Know the Rules Of The Road to Avoid Penalties with Demerit Points

Australia’s driving system directs the drivers to utilise the road as a shared space. The common area has specific rules and regulations that direct car owners and motorists to drive responsibly. The demerit point system is one of the important aspects of road safety and compliance protocol. Accumulating demerit points can cause drivers to lose their licence under Australian road rules.

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The demerit point system in Australia – explained.

The Australian road system is a basic component of road security and its parameters, the main target of which is to promote safe and responsible behaviour among drivers. The system assigns demerit points to the drivers according to the traffic felonies they have committed. Understanding the system is critical for the drivers – as its result affects their driving privileges and agreement with road laws.

  • The felonies and demerit points

The system and demerit points are directly proportional – the felon driver’s licence will accumulate more demerit points according to the offence they commit. The faults can range from minor lapses, such as parking infringements and seatbelt violations, to serious law breaches, like reckless driving, speeding, and driving under alcohol and drug influence. These offences are associated with a fixed value set that appropriately reflects the offence’s seriousness. Hiring the most experienced traffic offence lawyer in Perth to contest any issue or mistake in the point system is best.

The demerit point list serves as a specific reference guide, meaning it has an appropriate point allocation system according to the particular offences. This schedule will help the driver understand each offence’s relative severity and the prospective impact on their driving records.

The table below provides the general felony that can occur during driving and their corresponding demerit points: The table below provides the general felony that can occur during driving and their corresponding demerit points:


Details of felonies

Demerit points


Speeding offence

By less than 10 kmph



By 10 km/h or more but less than 20 km/h



Within 20 km/h or more but less than 30 km/h



By 30 km/ h or more but less than



by 45 km/h or more (high and excessive speed)


An automatic licence suspension for 6 months, along with a probable wheel clamp or impounding of the offender’s car.

Common road traffic offences

Failing to stop for a red traffic light



Failing to wear a seatbelt – by driver



Using a mobile phone while driving



Driving with no ‘P’ or ‘L’ plates attached



Failing to halt at a ‘stop’ mark or line at an intersection



Driving at night/in hazardous weather without using effective lights



  • Point of demerit warning notice

You will receive a notice warning stating your status of being close to disqualification (exempted for drivers having an interstate address) if you collect six or more demerit points. The notice provides the following information:

  1. The offences and their dates
  2. Details of their offences.
  3. The number of points deducted for each offence.

It’s a good practice to regularly check demerit points in Perth to maintain your licences’ validities.

  • Disqualification from driving

A driver can get disqualified from a driver’s licence if they accumulate 12 or more demerit points within three years. A learner’s permit or provisional licence holder may be prohibited from driving for six to twelve months (depending on their surroundings).

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Step-by-step process for checking demerit points

The method for drivers to check their demerit points is given below. You can also search by “How to check demerit points” on any search engine:

  • Ensure your driver’s licence details, including your licence number, are readily available.
  • Visit the official government website of the driver’s state, e.g.,, and others.
  • Complete the required forms on the website and provide the necessary information for identity verification (it may include personal details like your date of birth, name, and licence number) for demerit point check WA.
  • After verifying your identity, you can access your demerit point record and get complete knowledge about your current demerit point status.

In conclusion

The demerit points are added, and the drivers are penalised according to the ranking systems. However, they can appeal their offences in front of the applicable courts, and consulting with the most recommended and best traffic lawyers in Perth will help them greatly.

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