How Non-Payment Fines In Australia Are Handled?

May 4, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
How Non-Payment Fines In Australia Are Handled?

There are many individuals in Australia who are not aware of the severe consequences when they don’t pay a fine. From all the added fees and getting a private property sized to getting a driver’s license suspended, the ramification can be pretty significant.

The traffic fine lawyers say that all the fines for offences, such as driving through the red light, travelling on the train without a ticket, traffic offences and offences related to public transport.

Non-payment and parking fines are some of the most common types of infringements in Australia. But there are certain ways through which the non-payment fines get handled, and this post will provide more information on it.

What Happens When You Have Non-Payment Fines?

Experts have pointed out that the non payment of fines can lead to the addition of enforcement fees. But if the fines are still left unpaid, these are the following ways the government handles such fines:

1. Your License Will Be Taken Away

Non-paying the fines on time will make you lose your driving license, which can prevent an individual from driving their vehicle normally. Until all the overdue fines get paid, this restriction will not be lifted.

But if one gets to pay up the outstanding amounts, there is a possibility that this restriction might get lifted.

2. Sell and Seize Your Property

The non-payment of fines might lead to the seizing of a person’s belongings, and they will get sold at the public auction. Sheriffs will visit the person’s residence to seize up all their goods and sell them.

3. Garnish The Bank Account or Salary

When an individual doesn’t pay their fines, the people from FER or Fine Enforcement Registry in Western Australia will contact the person’s employer.

They would request the employer to deduct funds from their salary to pay the outstanding fines. They can take out funds from the person’s bank account to pay off the fines effectively.

4. Going to Court

The traffic lawyer Perth says that the person will be ordered to visit the court for the examination hearing.

Doing so will help determine what type of action needs to be taken for the non-payment of the fines. If the person doesn’t turn up to court, a warrant will get issued for their arrest.

5. Register An Interest In The Residential Property

A charge will get placed on the person’s land, which he/she owns until they get off their fines. This clearly means that he/she cannot sell off their land without paying the outstanding fines.

6. Must Do Community Service Work

When the other enforcement orders cannot recover the debt successfully, the commission will create an order where one has to conduct community work to pay off their fines.

7. Things A Person Can Do When They Cannot Pay The Fines

At times, it might become difficult to pay up the fines, but there are several options that you can try out. These are:

8. Dispute The Penalty

If one believes that he/she shouldn’t pay the fines, they can apply for the annulment, and the matter will get shifted to court. The magistrate will then decide whether or not he/she should pay the fine.

It will be much better to receive some advice from a professional and qualified traffic violation lawyer to learn whether or not this option is right for you.

9. Opt For A Payment Plan

One can easily request a payment plan to pay off all the non-payment fines in the form of instalments.

Minimum repayment amounts might apply, and if he/she misses out on a payment, they might have to pay off the full fine immediately and a late fee.

10. Apply For The Work Development Order

When a person is eligible, he/she might get the chance to do community services or any other program, such as a treatment or a course. That way, they can pay off all their non-payment fines.

Individuals who are eligible for this are:

  • Suffering from an intellectual disability
  • Have a cognitive impairment
  • He/she is homeless
  • Has a severe alcohol or drugs addiction
  • Have a mental illness
  • Have serious monetary disadvantage
  • Have exceptional circumstances

11. Request For A Review

When he/she cannot deal with their penalty notice right before the due date, they can request a review and have the enforcement fees or offence.

How Can A Traffic Lawyer Help?

On certain occasions, dealing with non-payment fines can lead to legal suits, and one might have to visit the court frequently. To make sure he/she is well-prepared for such situations, it’s important to find a good traffic lawyer.

Once he/she finds a traffic lawyer, they can provide effective legal assistance on non-payment fine-related issues. They have the skills and knowledge to help individuals to provide the best outcome for their case.

They will understand and go through their client’s case, learn the reason for not paying off the fines on time and then proceed further. The team of experienced lawyers will take care of all the paperwork.

They will also make themselves known in the courtroom with their shrewd techniques to deal with the accusation of the prosecution. The Traffic Lawyers in Perth WA will keep their clients well-updated about the case.

The lawyers will make sure that he/she gets the help they need and will also educate their clients about traffic law, non-payment fines, etc. It’s guaranteed that individuals will certainly receive a positive outcome.

How To Find A Good Traffic Lawyer?

Finding a traffic lawyer is not that difficult. One needs to begin their search by doing some research on the traffic lawyer. They need to check what these lawyers are capable of and how they can help him/her.

It’s also important to check whether or not these lawyers are qualified, knowledgeable and have proper skills. One needs to check whether or not these lawyers can handle all types of traffic law-related cases.

Individuals should also get some referrals from their peers, relatives and friends as they can point him/her to the best lawyer in Perth.

Final Thoughts

Not paying up all the pending fines can lead to unwanted issues. But if one needs some legal assistance regarding non-payment fines, the top lawyers will be there to offer their help.

They are experts in dealing with these types of cases and have been successful in resolving the most complex cases. They will provide the help and support one needs effectively and quickly.

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