How To Apply For An Extraordinary Driver’s Licence In Australia?

December 16, 2022    Traffic lawyers Perth
How To Apply For An Extraordinary Driver’s Licence In Australia?

In Western Australia, an extraordinary driver’s licence, also called EDL, EMDL or an e-license, is a licence that can authorise an individual who might be disqualified from driving under specific circumstances.

An extraordinary driving licence is usually granted at the discretion of an Australian magistrate and can only be granted for court-imposed disqualifications. You will not be able to apply for this licence if you are subjected to a demerit point suspension. Read the blog below to learn more about extraordinary licences in Australia and the application process.

What Is The Application Process For An E-License In WA?

If you want to apply for an extraordinary licence in Western Australia, you must lodge the application form and then pay a fee to the Magistrates court. The fee is around $150 and is payable at the court registry when lodging the application. You can find the application form on the Magistrate’s website.

After the court has accepted your application, you will be provided with a date to attend the court and appear before the Magistrate. You will find there a representative for the Director General of Transport who might argue against you for being granted an extraordinary driver’s licence. You might have to answer some questions under oath from both the director general and also the Magistrate’s perspective.

What Will You Be Expected To Do?

You will also be expected to provide proper evidence supporting your application. It is not enough for you to simply re-state the grounds that are outlined in your written application. For instance, if the basis for your application is that you cannot access urgent medical treatment that refers to a specific medical condition, you will be expected to provide the following:

  • Proof of your medical condition
  • Evidence of the treatment to which you need access
  • Proof that shows the alternative means of transport will not give you proper access to your treatment.

Waiting Periods

Some minimum waiting periods will apply before you can lodge your application. The waiting times will differ based on the offence for which you were disqualified. The waiting period is usually said to be around 21 days and can also be up to three months for some offences. Other than the legislation waiting period, there will be at least two weeks between lodging the application and appearing in court.

Do You Require The Services Of A Lawyer?

You do not require the assistance of a lawyer in normal circumstances to apply for an extraordinary driver’s licence. But there are many benefits of associating with extraordinary licence lawyers in Perth for an application for the licence. The best and most experienced lawyers can draft your written application and ensure that it addresses the specific criteria that the Magistrate will consider.

They will also be able to advise you on what kind of evidence you require to support your application. An experienced lawyer can also represent you during court appearances, and when you have a legal representative by your side who is aware of the legal environment, you will have peace of mind.

Who Can Apply For An Extraordinary Licence?

You can apply for this licence if you are under a court-imposed licence disqualification or any kind of suspension. You will not be able to apply for the licence if:

  • You are being served a roadside disqualification notice from the police
  • You have a licence Suspension order for infringements or unpaid lines
  • Your licence is disqualified due to excessive demerit points that include double or nothing, breaching or much more.
  • Your driving licence is disqualified in another state.

Before applying for an extraordinary licence application, you must know that if you are disqualified from driving, or your licence was cancelled, the court will tell you to re-sit the exam before you can drive again under an EL.

This can be helpful to you due to the following:

  • You do not have to wait before your disqualification period ends before you reapply for a licence.
  • You do not need to wait in a queue before you re-sit the test.
  • When the extraordinary licence ends, you can continue driving as you will have already appeared for the driving test and get your licence back.

What Reason Should You Give To Get An Extraordinary Licence?

The court cannot provide you with an extraordinary licence before you show them that you are unable to drive:

  • You or any family member cannot receive urgent medical treatment for any existing disease, illness or disability.
  • It will take away the only source of earning money and might cause an unnecessary financial burden on you or your family.
  • You or anyone in your family has no other better means of transport for getting to and from work.

When Can You Apply For An Extraordinary Licence?

There are specific waiting periods that might apply from the date that you are disqualified before you apply for an extraordinary licence. The time you have to wait will depend on why your licence was disqualified and if you have any other traffic convictions.

To find out more about the waiting period that applies to you, you can contact the court registry from where you are making the application or get legal help. If your application gets refused, you can wait for six months before you can apply again.

Where Do You Apply For An Extraordinary Licence?

If a Magistrates court disqualified you, you could apply for an extraordinary licence to that court. If you are under the age of 18, you can lodge your application with the Children’s court. If you are disqualified from driving by a Supreme court or District Court, you can lodge your application with any court that disqualified you.

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