How To Choose The Right Traffic Lawyer For Your Reckless Driving Case in Western Australia?

October 3, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
How To Choose The Right Traffic Lawyer For Your Reckless Driving Case in Western Australia?

With the world population and vehicles increasing regularly, traffic has become a massive problem. The traffic lawyers in Perth WA, well-known for handling traffic-related cases, have said heavy congestion is a big issue.

Heavy congestion on the roads increases the queuing of automobiles, which in turn reduces their mobility. This is not just a problem experienced by people in Australia but by individuals across the globe.

It’s not possible to avoid all the traffic-related problems, which, at times, can be pretty fatal. If he/she has experienced this type of situation and got penalised, they should speak to the traffic lawyer. These lawyers have the experience and skills to deal with these types of cases.

How Can the Traffic Lawyers Help Their Clients?

Apart from handling cases related to reckless driving, the reckless driving lawyer in Perth can take care of various other traffic-related cases, such as:

  • Speeding fines
  • License cancellation
  • Suspension
  • Car accidents [when it’s the client’s fault]
  • Failing to assist or stop
  • Seatbelt offences
  • DUI offences and drunk driving
  • Motorcycle traffic fines
  • Demerit points disputes
  • Heavy vehicle offences
  • Drug driving
  • Traffic camera violations
  • Red light fines

Taking the help of a traffic lawyer when he/she has been involved in any of the traffic issues mentioned above will be an ideal choice. They can surely help him/her on such matters without much hassle.

Finding a Traffic Lawyer for Reckless Driving: How to Do So?

When one has been involved in reckless driving, it’s highly essential to hire a qualified traffic lawyer. They can provide their assistance in such cases effectively.

However, finding a lawyer for reckless driving in WA can be a bit challenging as there are so many of them available. There are several ways through which one can find the best traffic lawyer for themselves. These are:

1. Should be an Expert in Traffic Law

The majority of the lawyers are said to specialise in just one jurisdiction. For instance, “the family lawyers will not take up cases on reckless driving because they don’t specialise on this area of the law”.

An experienced and skilled traffic lawyer can easily take care of case related to reckless driving because they specialise in this type of law. They are always well-updated with all the changing traffic rules and laws and know what they should do in court.

They also have the power to decipher all kinds of legal jargon, take care of the paperwork, and will also keep their clients updated about the case’s progress.

2. Should be Approachable

It’s important to look for a lawyer for reckless driving to whom individuals can ask various questions without any hesitation. For that, one needs to make sure that the lawyer is approachable and can easily explain the entire procedure.

One must have a good understanding of their rights and what they can expect from all those options that are available for their case. Keep in mind that there is no presence of unanswered questions or uncertainties.

When looking for a traffic lawyer, you should check whether or not they have the willingness to answer all the questions he/she asks them. That way, it will give them an idea of what the lawyer will be like when they handle the reckless driving case.

3. Must Provide Affordable Consultation

You must find a traffic lawyer in Western Australia who will provide a consultation for Affordable. That way, it will become easier for a person to understand more about reckless driving, what he/she did wrong while driving and how they can proceed further.

Opting for a consultation that is obligation-free will prevent you from spending both your funds and time.

Penalties a Person Gets for Reckless Driving

In Western Australia, people face penalties for reckless driving based on the type of offence they have committed. These offences are:

  • 1st Offence: The maximum fine for the first offence is $6000, which is 120 penalty units. Otherwise, he/she might face 9 months imprisonment, and their license will be disqualified for 6 months.
  • 2nd Offence: People who commit a second offence in reckless driving have to pay a fine of $9000, which is 180 penalty units or 9 months of imprisonment. He/she will also get their license disqualified for 12 months.
  • 3rd Offence: For the third offence, one will be fined 240 penalty units, which is $12,000 or 12 months of imprisonment. Their driver’s license will be disqualified permanently.

Apart from these penalties, there are also penalties for individuals for driving dangerously on the road. These are:

  • 1st Offence: The maximum fine for the first offence of dangerous driving is $3000, which is 60 penalty units.
  • Ensuing Offences: For subsequent offences, the maximum fine is $6000, which is 120 penalty units and 9 months of imprisonment. One will also get their driver’s license disqualified for 12 months.

The Circumstances of Failing to Stop and Exacerbation

In Western Australia, the legislation offers mandatory imprisonment for reckless driving conducted in situations of aggravation by not stopping when pursued by the police. A person will face an imprisonment of 5 years if the case is dealt with by the District Court.

Otherwise, he/she will face an imprisonment of 2 years when the reckless driving case is dealt with by the Magistrate Court. When an individual is charged with reckless driving, it’s crucial to obtain legal advice from the best traffic lawyers in Perth as quickly as possible.

That way, one can avoid any unwanted problem. Besides that, an offence committed through reckless driving where the offender tried to escape from the police is a crime.

This can lead to an imprisonment of 6 months, and for the first and second offences, one will get their license disqualified for 2 years. For the subsequent and third offences, the Australian court will declare a lifetime ban on obtaining or holding a driver’s license.

For dangerous driving offences where the offender was driving to escape the police, they have to pay a fine of $36,000 or 720 penalty units. Otherwise, the offender might also get imprisoned for 3 years and get their license disqualified for two years.

Wrapping Up

Reckless driving is an offence, and one will be charged with a fine for it. However, the type of fine one will be charged will depend heavily on the type of offence he/she has committed. Individuals can learn more about reckless driving from the Traffic Lawyers in Perth and find out how these lawyers handle such cases.

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