How To Get Your Licence Back After Suspension In Australia?

March 10, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
How To Get Your Licence Back After Suspension In Australia?

Who doesn’t love to hit the roads, right? But on one fine day, everything can go wrong. You may end up searching the ways of getting my licence back on the internet due to suspension. Yes, your licence can get suspended in Australia for various reasons.

For instance, if you commit a traffic offence (speeding, street racing, driving under the influence of alcohol or drug, etc.), do not pay an outstanding fine, surpass the demerits points limit, or cause an accident, your driver’s licence will get suspended.

Once your driver’s licence gets suspended, the suspension will apply to all types of vehicles – bikes, cars, and heavy vehicles. However, remember that you cannot reapply for a driver’s licence if it gets suspended, provided it doesn’t expire at the end of the suspension period.

So, how to get your licence back after suspension? The process varies depending on who sends you the notice of suspension – the transport department or the police. Let’s delve into the depth of this procedure.

Reasons Why Your Licence Can Get Suspended

When your licence gets suspended, you won’t have the legal permit to drive again until the suspension period ends. Before you get behind the wheel again, you should confirm with Transport for NSW that the suspension has ended.

There are various reasons why the transport department or the police can suspend your licence, including:

Outstanding Dues or Fines

Your licence can get suspended if there’s any penalty or fine you haven’t paid yet. You can pay the fines in the form of instalments, and once repaid, you get back your licence. If you lack funds, your lawyer can file an appeal to waive some charges. Your lawyer can provide all the advice and tips for this step.

Demerits Points

Apart from the fine, your licence can also be suspended when you exceed the threshold of the demerits points. Here, seeking help from the lawyer becomes crucial as appealing or lodging an application won’t be possible when your suspension is made on this ground. Your lawyer will apply for a good behaviour period on your behalf to help you get your licence back.


Speeding on the road can be another reason behind your licence suspension. If the police or camera catches you speeding unnecessarily, they will consider you to be breaking the law and suspend the licence.

Medical Grounds

Not adhering to the medical review requirements while driving can also result in your licence suspension. This happens when you drive under the influence of some heavy medication or drug.

How To Get Licence Back After Suspension: An Overview

Step 1: No matter the reason behind your licence suspension, avoid driving any vehicle until the suspension ends.

Step 2: Contact the best traffic lawyer in Perth immediately. Seek their legal advice and go for legal proceedings.

Step 3: Take the lawyer’s help to file an appeal or lodge an application to the local court.

Step 4: If the licence is suspended due to exceeded demerit points, ask your lawyer to apply for a good behaviour period.

Step 5: Prepare all the documents, practice your statements and points, and let the lawyer represent you in court.

Getting a Licence Suspension Notice From The Transport Department

If you surpass your demerits points limit or get caught in any camera-detected offence, the transport department will send you a suspension notice. Such notice will outline the reason for suspension, the starting date, and the date you can start driving again.

What To Do?

If the transport department suspends your licence, all you can do is appeal the suspension to get your licence back. The process can get a bit complicated, and any delay or wrong proceeding may result in an extended suspension period. This is where the best traffic offence lawyer comes to aid.

They can help you file the appeal right before the beginning of the suspension period. Not only can they help you appeal the suspension, but they can also submit an application notice on your behalf to any local Perth court registry.

The best traffic lawyers Perth can help you fill out the form and submit the application notice to the local court with correct statements and input. This will help you avoid mistakes and boost your chances of getting the licence back after suspension.

Note: You or your lawyer won’t be able to appeal the suspension if you hold a full licence with 13 demerit points or more. In that case, your traffic lawyer in Perth will ask you to apply and appeal for a good behaviour period.

You can apply for a good behaviour period to get your licence back after suspension only when your demerits points are 13 or above. You can either apply it online or ask your traffic lawyer to take care of it.

Getting a Licence Suspension Notice From The Police

A police officer in Perth, WA, holds the right to suspend anyone’s licence:

  • Within two days of you getting a penalty notice or being charged
  • On the spot. If the police suspend the licence on the spot, your suspension period begins with immediate effect.

Your suspension can come with an automatic suspension period of three or six months based on the traffic offence. If not, the suspension will remain active until your case is addressed to the court. This is where you’ll have to seek the assistance of the best traffic lawyers perth and wait for the court’s judgement.

What To Do?

When you get a suspension notice from a police officer, your first task should be contacting a traffic lawyer. To keep things simple at first, your lawyer will advise appealing the suspension by the police officer. In doing so, the lawyer will ask you not to drive until the court date and file an appeal within 28 days of the suspension.

Handling all these legal proceedings on your own can be a big hassle. Here, the best traffic lawyer will make clear statements and provide exceptional circumstances to justify the upliftment of the suspension. This will increase the chances of the court making a judgment in your favour. Without hiring the best lawyer, you’ll face immense difficulty in showing and demonstrating exceptional situations.

Driving Back After Suspension: When To Expect That?

Although you can legally drive again once the suspension period ends, the suspension period can change, and the end date can come closer if you:

  • Defend the traffic offence at the court, and the judge decides in your favour.
  • Successfully appeals to the suspension.
  • Manages to get no conviction record despite being found guilty in court.

To get back your licence after suspension, the best solution is to hire an experienced traffic lawyer in Perth. They take care of all the appeal process and paperwork and represent you in court to prove you innocent.

Final Thoughts

If your driver’s licence is suspended for several years or even permanently, you can appeal to the court before the suspension period expires. However, it’s crucial to wait a specific amount of time and seek legal counsel before making any decisions on your own.

Your application could be turned down if it is submitted at the incorrect time. Having one of the best traffic lawyers by your side can help you in many ways. They will do a licence suspension check WA, file the appeal, and defend you in court. Thus, it is advisable to get the best legal counsel from Traffic Lawyers Perth and get sound advice throughout the procedure.

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