Know About The Criminal Law Against Motors Vehicle Theft In Australia

August 23, 2021    Traffic lawyers Perth
Know About The Criminal Law Against Motors Vehicle Theft In Australia

The act of driving someone else’s car unlawfully, is defined as car theft by Australian law. Using a vehicle without the consent of the owner qualifies as theft. According to statistics, the theft of motor vehicles in Australia rose by 2 per cent in 2019-2020. Most of the motor vehicle thefts have been registered in Queensland Perth has also recorded quite a few car thefts.

If you are someone whose car has been stolen, you must be wondering what to do. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. We will notify you about the specific charges for motor theft in Perth. You must be on the lookout for lawyers to provide you with legal advice. In the end, this blog post will offer you some tips to get in touch with a reputed and respected lawyer.

Car Theft And Possible Charges

A person can fraudulently take away a vehicle with the intent of gaining money by selling it. Taking away a car is considered theft even when the act was done without any intention of concealing it. Stealing is regarded as an indictable offence in Australia. This implies that a person accused of stealing has to appear in the District Court. However, some cases are reviewed at the Magistrates Court as well.

A person who has been proved guilty of motor theft can be imprisoned for up to 8 years. But eight years of imprisonment is granted only when they recklessly drive a stolen vehicle. Otherwise, a person is imprisoned for two years when the case is heard. A person may also be required to pay a fine amounting to $24,000 and can be imprisoned for seven years when the case is dealt with on indictment.

The prosecution has to prove the actions of the accused. They have to prove that the accused has stolen the vehicle. Moreover, the accused needs to hold the intention of deceiving the owner permanently. An accused may try to defend themselves by justifying that they had a legitimate claim on the vehicle. The prosecution may win over by proving that the accused did not want to permanently deprive the owner. The accused should have the intention of not returning the vehicle in order to be proven guilty.

If you are entangled in a motor vehicle theft case, then you would need a proficient lawyer to represent your case. Here are a few pointers needed while looking for lawyers.

Tips To Find A Good Lawyer

If your car has been stolen, you would want an excellent lawyer to represent your case. Here is a list of suggestions to find a good traffic lawyer in Perth.

  • Ask People You Know

You can take suggestions from people you know. Ask them to share their experience with a traffic lawyer. If they had a fair experience, you would be relieved to trust that lawyer. You can consider the recommendations of people close to you. This will save you time by narrowing down your search. If you receive multiple recommendations, you can always look them up online.

  • Check The Specialisation Of The Lawyer You Choose

You should check the specialisation of your lawyer before asking them to handle your case. Some lawyers specialise in divorce cases, while others are good at making property settlements. It is essential for you to choose someone who has adequate experience in dealing with car theft cases. Traffic lawyers are the most proficient in handling motor theft cases. They will have relevant knowledge about how these hearings proceed. They will be able to provide you with proper guidance, and your chances of winning will be higher.

  • Determine The Fee Structure

The fee structure is different for every lawyer. You should compare the fee charged by other lawyers. It is necessary that you end up with the best lawyer with a reasonable fee structure. Some lawyers will ask you to deposit a particular amount at the beginning. You can do that but make sure you learn about all the terms and conditions before hiring them. You also need to determine the success rate of the lawyer you are choosing before finalising them.

  • Check If Your Lawyer Knows The Judge

A reputed lawyer will share a good rapport with all the judges. This implies that your lawyer has dealt with similar cases in the past and has experience. If your lawyer can convince the judge strongly with proofs and propositions, it can influence the verdict of your case.

  • Choose A Responsive And Responsible Lawyer

Your lawyer should keep you updated about the proceedings of the case. Your lawyer needs to consider your opinions when any important decision is required to be taken. They should guide you, and support you in making the decisions.

Ending Note

If your car has been taken, you will want justice to be served. You will want the person who committed the crime to be punished. To make that happen, hire a lawyer from the best law firms. They will offer you the best legal assistance at every step.

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