What Are the 9 Disadvantages of Drinking and Driving? How to Avoid It?

June 6, 2022    Traffic lawyers Perth
What Are the 9 Disadvantages of Drinking and Driving? How to Avoid It?

Drunk driving is a major criminal offence in Australia because it can lead to fatalities. Though it is not difficult to understand the dangers of drinking and driving, many people always get captured because of it.

As per statistics, about 1 in 4 fatal car crashes occur in the Australian Capital Territory because of alcohol. Being aware of the significant disadvantages of drunk driving can help you understand why it is prohibited to drive while being drunk.

9 Significant Disadvantages Of Drunk Driving

Discussed here some of the significant drawbacks of drinking and driving:

1. You Can Land Up In Jail:

There is not a single person who likes going to jail. Living in prison means living in confinement where you will not be able to do anything according to your wish. What’s worse about getting caught drinking and driving is that the offence can lead to a prison sentence.

Especially if you do any harm like causing damage to public property or hitting a pedestrian while drinking and driving, a jail sentence can be a more likely outcome of the case. Also, if you cause any fatality, you may have to spend several years behind bars.

2. Your Insurance Premiums Will Increase:

If the police capture you while drinking and driving and file a case, a DUI (Driving Under Influence) can affect your insurance policy directly. All the insurance premiums are partly based upon your risk as a driver. If a driver is at a higher risk of getting involved in a fatal accident, they will be required to pay higher insurance premiums.

You will be categorised as a high-risk driver when you are captured and convicted because of driving while having substantial alcohol in your blood or driving while impaired. Automatically, your insurance company will increase the amount of your premium.

3. There Is A Chance Of Losing The Job And Professional Licence:

One of the most significant disadvantages of drunk driving is that there is always a chance of losing your job. If you are convicted because of this, your employer will not be happy with you and can terminate your employment contract. Not only that, but you may also lose your professional licence.

It is a more likely outcome when you are employed in a more prestigious or esteemed position or working in a state government sector. Lawyers, teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers, and public figures all risk losing their licence and job if they are proved guilty in a drunk driving case.

4. You Face Large Fees and Fines:

Getting caught while driving under the influence of alcohol costs huge. First of all, you will need to pay for the ticket expense. In addition, you will also need to bear civil penalties and court fees and fines.

Civil penalties usually apply when you damage public property or hit a civilian. Substantial expenses are also required when you reinstate your licence.

5. Accidents Caused By Drunk Driving Is Not Good For You As well:

Experts recommend not to drive while intoxicated because it greatly increases the risk of getting involved in an accident. Causing an accident endangers other lives and can be fatal to you as well.

Here we provide some statistics to help you understand the dangers of drunk driving-

  • About 30% of all fatal road crashes occur on Australian roads because of drunk driving.
  • Over 25% of drivers and riders get killed in accidents on Australian roads when they exceed BAC (blood alcohol concentration).

Despite such horrifying facts and figures, people are still not rectifying themselves. The Queensland Police Service carried out about 3.65 million breath tests seven years back. More than 22000 drunk driving influences were detected in that test, equalling a 6% offence rate.

6. You Will Have A Criminal Record To Your Name:

Once the police capture you driving while intoxicated, they will file a case against you. You will then face the court. If all the evidence submitted by the police against you is found correct, you will be declared guilty. This information will be considered a criminal record, badly affecting your future employment opportunities.

Many companies want to check criminal backgrounds while employing someone. Also, if you are convicted, you may have to incur huge costs fighting criminal charges, and your future opportunities will also become limited. Having a qualified drink and drive lawyer can help you in this regard.

7. Causing Severe Damage To Public Property Is Common:

You may not cause any physical injury to another person or yourself. But there is a high chance that you hit another object on the road, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars. All this evidence will be brought against you by the police in court.

8. You Can Injure A Child:

One of the worst effects of drunk driving is that it proves fatal for hundreds of children every year. According to the non-profit organisation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there were about 220 children deaths in 2017 because of drunk driving. Road accidents have been a major cause of child deaths in Australia, and drunk driving itself is one of the big reasons behind fatal road accidents.

9. You Set a Bad Example for Your Family Members and Others:

Last but not least, when you drive under the influence of alcohol, you are not setting a good example for your family members and others around you. You are passing the wrong message that drinking and driving are acceptable.

If you have children, they will not get the proper education about road safety. Also, when you get caught because of drunk driving, it will undoubtedly embarrass your family members. Because you love your family more than anything else, make sure you do not do this again.

How Can You Avoid It?

Because drunk driving can lead to so many consequences, it is best to avoid it.
You can look at several ways, some of which are discussed here:

-It Is Better To Have A Designated Driver:

You may plan an outing with your friends after a busy week. In that case, always make sure there is someone who wants to be a designated driver. This tactic proves beneficial because this person will never consume any type of alcohol and stay sober throughout the whole evening.

It will help them navigate the roads without any difficulty. Many entertainment venues and bars also provide non-alcoholic drinks for the designated driver.

-Avoid Drinking When You Are Alone:

When you are going out all alone, avoid consuming alcohol. It is recommended because you will be at a much higher risk behind the wheel when you are alone in a vehicle with a higher BAC limit. Even if you have to drink something, try a soft drink, club soda, or mocktail.

-Consume Plenty of Food:

You will be intoxicated much faster if you drink on an empty stomach. It results in lowered inhibitions and maximises the chances of drunk driving. Though you cannot avoid the influence of alcohol even with plenty of food in your stomach, the chances of getting caught DUI will be much less.

-Keep a Rideshare Application On Your Phone:

One of the most suitable ways to avoid driving while intoxicated is to avoid driving. Several rideshare applications are available, which you can download on your phone. It will help you reach your destination safely.

-Spend the Night at a Friend’s Home if Possible:

If you have consumed alcoholic drinks at a party held in the home of your family member or friend and have to drive to your home alone, ask if they can allow you to stay the night.

A close friend or relative will likely allow you to spend the whole night at their place. This will be an excellent strategy to prevent yourself from driving in a drunken state.

-Avoid Riding a Car with Someone Drunken:

If you find that someone is heavily drunk and wants to drive a car, do not consider riding that vehicle. A fatal accident is inevitable, and you may also suffer serious injuries. Similarly, you must not get in a car where the driver is actively drinking while driving. We have already discussed how the act of drinking and driving can ruin all your plans.

It will not only cause damage to any public property or injure pedestrians or other drivers but also can be fatal to you and others in the car. So, you must not take any chances. Following these six simple yet effective strategies will help you avoid drunk driving, thus allowing others on the road to feel safe.

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