Top 10 Road Rules In Australia You Must Know

May 12, 2021    Traffic lawyers Perth
Top 10 Road Rules In Australia You Must Know

Speeding, drink driving, and violation of signals are some of the most breaches of road safety rules which almost everyone is aware of. But there are specific other road rules in Australia which might be unknown to you or might have forgotten about. Whether you are a citizen of Australia or you’re holidaying in Australia, you must be well aware of the road rules to make it home safely. In case of any issues, you can consult the traffic lawyers Perth, but still, you should know about some of the road rules when you are out in a car.

  • Failure To Stop At Orange Light: Many motorists believe that it is okay to drive through orange light and need to stop only with the appearance of the red light. This is a wrong belief as the orange lights are intended to provide drivers time to stop before the signal becomes red. So, for this reason, you might be caught for violating the orange light if the police determines it was possible for you to stop safely in time. If you don’t stop at the orange light, it might be dangerous to pedestrians and other cars that will turn in the middle of an intersection. Moreover, if you skip one orange or red light, you will get stopped at the next intersection, and you might be fined approximately $465 and three points, and if it is a school zone, then the fine might increase to more than $580 and four points.
  • Driving Through A Service Station Driveway To Skip A Red Light: If you are after a line of traffic at an intersection and notice a service station having driveways on both corners, you might feel like taking a shortcut and drive through the service station. This is entirely illegal, and you can also end up wiping out someone walking across the forecourt to make payment. This kind of activity might cost you nearly $350 and three pints. If it is in a school zone, the fine will be like $465 and four points.
  • Headlights Off At Night: This is the easiest mistake to make as most modern vehicles have backlist instruments even when the headlights are off. So make sure to turn your vehicle’s headlight on by checking the little light symbol in your car’s instrument cluster; otherwise, you might have to end up paying nearly $120.
  • Never Throw Food Scraps From A Car: If you are a visitor in Australia, you might assume that throwing fruit and other biodegradable substances out of the car’s window will be considered littering. But in reality, even throwing biodegradable substances on the road is regarded as littering as it will encourage animals to come on the road and create danger for them and the other motorists. This can cost you nearly $450 as a fine.
  • Discarding Lit Cigarette Butts: A fine for throwing lit cigarette butts is quite apparent as it involves fire danger. This might cost you approximately $680, which is the price of a cigarette carton.
  • Toot Horn And Waving Goodbye: After a holiday visit, you might like to toot the horn and wave goodbye to family and friends. But by doing this, you might risk two tickets at a time. The first ticket will be for unnecessary use of horns, and it will cost you nearly $ 350. The second ticket will be for waving your hand out of the window, which will cost you another $349 with three demerit points for the driver.
  • Car Unattended With Engine Running: During the hot summer days, you might feel like starting the car and leave the engine running for some time to let the air-conditioning cool the interior. Ensure that you are within a few metres of the vehicle; otherwise, your car could be deemed “unattended” because of the running engine.
  • Flashing Of High Beams: You will be fined nearly $120 if you flash high beams in built-up areas rather than towards oncoming vehicles. Furthermore, you might be fined almost the same amount for using fog lights when there is no fog. To know more about this or to overcome a fine for these reasons, contact a reputed traffic offence lawyers of Perth.
  • Leave keys in the car: This ticket is designed to prevent opportunistic car theft. So, make sure to take your car’s keys when you go to pay for petrol, or else you might be fined up to $120.
  •  Recline Front-Passenger Seat While Driving: These fines are designed to ensure that the seatbelt is correctly secured across the front seat passenger. With seats reclined, the belts don’t fit securely across and against the body of the passenger.

These are some of the Australian road rules you must be aware of. If you feel that you have been fined for no valid reason or you were in an emergency, you might consult a reputed dangerous driving lawyer to come out of the problem.

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