What To Do After Being Crashed By A Drug Driving in Australia?

April 23, 2024    Traffic lawyers Perth
What To Do After Being Crashed By A Drug Driving in Australia?

Understanding how to react after getting crashed by a drug-driving driver under the influence of drugs in Australia is vital to the safety of the other passengers and to protect your legal rights claim. It is extremely dangerous to get involved in a car accident as it might lead to serious implications that might make you physically or mentally impaired. Also, the costs of medication to treat yourself will amount to a lot.

According to reports, there are numerous cases where individuals are involved in a car accident due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. More than 10,000 people getting seriously injured with 1000 deaths due to road accidents every month in Australia shows how grave the situation is. You can hire drug-driving lawyers in Perth to help you with the legal proceedings involving the car accident.

In this website blog, we will discuss the steps one must take when involved in such accidents:

1. Stay Calm

Whether it is your first time or not, getting involved in brutal car accidents is life-threatening and might lead to severe trauma. Even minor accidents lead to severe shock to the people. However, you must remain calm to think and analyse the steps to protect against the losses you suffered in the accident, and your actions will determine it. Here’s how to stay calm in this situation:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Focus on your present surroundings
  • Avoiding blaming others or yourself
  • Get emotional support

The best traffic lawyers in Perth will acquire evidence if you want them to help you fight for your legal claims rights.

2. Check for Injuries

It is important to check for any injuries you might have received after getting hit by the vehicle. Car accidents usually lead to serious impairments, deep cuts, fractures, or concussions. If you think the other person next to you requires immediate medical service, call for help. Here’s how to check for your injuries:

  • Confirm whether you are injured or not
  • Confirm if the other passengers are injured
  • Request for medical treatment

The best drug lawyer in Perth will help you file for personal injury claims that can pay for your expensive medical bills.

3. Move Motor Vehicles Out of Traffic

After a car accident, you must immediately move the vehicle away from you as there are chances of the vehicle getting blown up, which is life-threatening to you and other passengers, especially if it is on a busy road or intersection. Here are the steps to move the vehicle:

  • Confirm whether the vehicle is leaking and is a threat to you
  • Move to the side of the road
  • Keep a note of the accident by taking pictures and videos that can act as evidence

4. Call the Police

Following the car accident, other than requesting medical treatment, you must inform the police to address the situation. This will help you control the situation and complain if the driver responsible for the accident is aggressive. You can take the following steps:

  • Dial the emergency service number
  • Please cooperate with the police
  • Get a copy of the police report

5. Exchange Information with the Other Drivers Involved

You must exchange contact information with the other drivers involved in the DUI vehicle accident to address the issue later with the police if required. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Get other drivers’ contact information
  • Collect witness details and statements
  • Get their insurance information
  • Exchange other details

6. Take Pictures and Video of the Damages

Remember to take pictures and videos of the accident as evidence that can help you avoid legal charges and receive your right to damage claims. Here are the steps to follow to collect the evidence:

  • Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident and their damages from all angles, whether front, back, side, or roof. If you have suffered any, take pictures of it too.
  • Take videos of the entire accident scene, including the location of the accident, drift marks, traffic lights and road signs, and positions of the vehicles involved in the accident, and also take videos of the witnesses with their permission.
  • With the help of a measuring tool, record the length and width of the damage received to your car and others.
  • Finally, submit the evidence to your insurance provider when making a claim. This evidence is vital when requesting a personal injury claim through traffic offence lawyers in Perth.

7. Start the Accident Insurance Claim Process

Immediately begin the accident claim process with the help of your insurer after the car accident. Here are the steps:

  • Contact your car insurance company
  • Work with your claims adjuster
  • Repair or repair your vehicle

Remember to be aware of what you post on your social media handles. Posting sensitive information from the accident to your friends and family might lead to legal consequences that might not result in your favor.


Hence, if you are caught in any car accident or crashed by a drunk driver in Australia, you must follow the essential steps mentioned on how to deal with the situation to protect your rights to legal claims and receive compensation for your injury.

You can hire traffic infringement lawyers Perth solicitors to help you with the legal proceedings involving a car accident in Australia.

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