How To Sue For Damages If Someone Steals Your Car: A Step-By-Step Guide

July 3, 2024    Traffic lawyers Perth
How To Sue For Damages If Someone Steals Your Car: A Step-By-Step Guide

We do understand that losing your car is an inconvenient and stressful affair. If you are in Perth, we recommend you keep an eye out on the road and remain vigilant about car theft. However, if luck does not favour you in these circumstances, we are here to help you. In this blog, we will offer a checklist of preliminary things that you can follow in case of a theft of a motor vehicle theft. So, let’s continue reading to find out.

What to do if your automobile is stolen

Before you take any legal steps, there are quite a few aspects you should keep in mind. Here, we have listed all the important factors worth keeping in mind.

1. Make sure that the incident has occurred

The first question is, did someone steal your car? Or did you park it somewhere, and it got towed away? Or maybe a family member has taken it for a spin? After answering these questions, you can look out for your vehicle. You can contact the local authorities if you suspect you have parked it in a tow-away zone.

2. Lodge an FIR

Once you have ruled out the possibilities, you can register the complaint. If you suspect theft from a motor vehicle, the police can also help you. To seek assistance from them, you can dial the emergency number. The faster you inform them of the mishap, the sooner they can help you locate your belongings.

If you suspect an article has been missing from your car, it is not advisable to tamper with the evidence. These can help the police to catch the thief. While making the FIR, you must provide them with the VIN, license plate number, and vehicle description.

Apart from this, you need to mention the car’s possessions and details of its insurance. The traffic lawyer in Perth can help you deal with providing this information.

3. Look for clues

You can conduct basic research and gather some evidence to assist the police. Or, to help you in these situations, you can hire a theft of motor vehicle lawyers in Perth. They can check the CCTV footage or other security cameras in the neighbourhood. You can send the videos captured by these devices to the police to help them advance with your case.

4. Claiming an insurance

After gathering the clues, you can go to your insurance company to notify them of your loss. It is advisable to provide as many details as possible so they can make better claims. Even if your insurance covers theft, you may not receive a payout immediately.

These companies will wait before settlement to rule out fraud, and in such cases, traffic lawyers in Perth WA, can help you. If your car has some important documents in its storage, report them and take the necessary measures to avoid other issues.

5. Look for it online

While the police officers are at it, you can search for your car on the web. You can check out new listings that were put up after the incident on third-party sites or marketplaces. Some resaleable websites allow you to upload the details of your missing car.

Also, if your car has a GPS tracker or electronic devices like laptops or smartphones, you can track it easily. To assist you with more solutions, you can contact traffic offence lawyers.

Will legal representatives help?

If you have a comprehensive insurance package that covers theft, an advocate can help you settle this issue. Alternatively, if your car has been located by the police, there may be some legal hurdles to get it back. A traffic offence lawyer in Perth may assist you with impoundment fees or navigate any related issues if they arise. Additionally, they may sue the thief for damages like lost wages if you use your car for work.

In conclusion

So, confirming the incident, lodging an FIR, and seeking legal help are some of the things to do. However, the residents of Perth are advised to remain vigilant of vehicle thefts. Many cars are stolen to resell at a profit as the market for used automobiles is in demand.

If you are an unfortunate victim of such an incident, do not hesitate to reach out to Traffic Lawyers. They have extensive experience dealing with such cases and have helped multiple people overcome such hardships.

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