Posted by trafficlawyersblog on March 26, 2021

When you are residing or traveling within Australia or overseas, you have the power to renew your driving license through the mail. There are various other ways through which you can renew your driving license after it gets expired. However, renewing your Australian driver’s license comes with various procedures and steps that you must follow. Not doing so will prevent you from getting the driver’s license renewed. 

To know more about the driver’s license and the steps involved, you can consult with the traffic lawyers Perth because they are the right before to talk to. Their information, advice, tips, and insights will help you receive an excellent understanding of the renewable driver’s license and procedure you need to follow. 

How To Renew Your Driver’s License In Australia?

When it comes to renewing the driver’s license, there are several ways to do so. Following these steps correctly will prevent you from facing license disqualification, and to know what these steps are, check the information below.

  • Renewing The License Online: 

When you are eligible to renew your driver’s license, you can easily do so through the online platform. The renew can be done up to 6-months right before it expires. You have the freedom to renew your driver’s license for 1, 3, or 5 years. But if you want to renew your license for a period of 10-years, you have to go to a service center for that. You also need to go to the service center, if you want to change your address within 14 days, carrying a learner license, and require a medical examination or an eyesight test.

  • Renewing The License In Person: 

If you do not wish to take the online help and want to get the renewal done physically, you must complete the license renewal form, and carry proof of identity or your current license. You also need to provide the license fee only you are eligible enough to receive a concession. Depending on the condition of your license, you also need to pass the eyesight test. 

Once you have paid the fees, a photo will be taken, which will be printed on the license card. When everything is done, you will receive your fully-renewed license. Before renewing the license, speak with the Extraordinary License lawyers in Perth to gain some insights on the license renewing part. Also, before you receive your actual license, you will get a temporary paper license. You can use that until the license comes. 

Options Available For License Renewal

When it comes to license renewal, there are so many options available for it. The restricted or full license holders can renew their license for 10-years. But to become eligible for that, they have to be around 22-years and 44-years when their license expires. They also need to carry an R or C license and must not be a commercial driver. On the other hand, the individuals who drive a commercial vehicle are issued a driver’s license for 5-years, and to maintain their license, they need to undergo an eyesight test.

This indicates that commercial drivers are not eligible to hold a 10-year long license. On certain occasions, you might also receive a concession and get to renew your license for 5 to 10-years. But for that, you need to meet all the eligibility criteria. The P1 (Provisional 1) and P2 (Provisional 2) licenses can be renewed to 18-months and 36-months, respectively. The P2 rider license can be renewed for 30-months. 

Also, if you carry a boat license, you can combine it with the rider or driver license once you renew it. You can take advice from the careless driving lawyer you are confused and do not want to do it. They will offer you help that will help to satisfy your needs and wants. 

Why Take The Help Of The Lawyers?

The drink driving lawyer is the right person to go to when you not sure what to do when it comes to the renewal of the driver’s license. They will tell you the type of renewal option you need to choose and the steps you must follow so that the renewal process is a success. These lawyers have helped a countless number of individuals in such cases, and assisting your needs will be a walk in the park for them. Having a professional and skilled lawyer beside will also help in preventing an unwanted suspension of your license. These lawyers have plenty of understanding within this particular law and will do everything to help you when you need them.

Wrapping Up

A driver’s license is important for individuals in Australia if they wish to drive a vehicle legally within the nation. When the license is expired, having it renewed is the only option available. You can either opt for the offline or the online option. No matter type of option you choose, the renewal of your license, make sure to take a wise decision.