Tips for Successfully Applying for an Extraordinary License in WA

September 5, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
Tips for Successfully Applying for an Extraordinary License in WA

Driving is an important part of our daily lives, helping us get to work, school, or run errands. But what happens if your driver’s license is suspended due to traffic offences or other reasons? But, there’s a way to deal with such situations with the help of the extraordinary license WA. Let’s explore more about this license, eligibility requirements, the application process and how the lawyers can help you get this license so that you get back on the road legally.

What is an Extraordinary License?

An extraordinary license is a special permit granted by the court that allows you to drive under specific conditions, even if your regular driver’s license is suspended. This license is not available to everyone, and you must meet certain criteria to be eligible for it.

Eligibility Criteria for an Extraordinary License in WA

Losing your driver’s license due to suspension can be tough. It affects your daily life and makes it hard to get around. If you find yourself in such a situation, understanding the eligibility criteria for the extraordinary license can greatly help you.

1. Court Order Suspension

To be eligible for an extraordinary license in WA, you must have a court order suspending your regular driver’s license. This means that the suspension should have been imposed by the court due to traffic offences or other reasons. If your license was suspended for other reasons, you may not be eligible for the extraordinary license.

2. Minimum Disqualification Period

The court sets a minimum disqualification period, which means you cannot apply for an extraordinary license until this period has passed. The length of this period depends on the nature of your suspension and the reason for it. It’s necessary to check with the court or hire a traffic lawyer to determine the specific disqualification period for your case.

3. Offense Category

The eligibility for the extraordinary license also depends on the category of your traffic offence. Some offenses, like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may have strict criteria, while others may have more lenient requirements. It’s essential to understand how your offence is categorized and what criteria apply to your situation.

4. Genuine Need to Drive

One of the main factors considered by the court is your genuine need to drive during the suspension period. You must prove that not having a driver’s license would cause significant problems in your personal or professional life.

5. Previous Convictions and Driving History

Your past driving history and any previous offence can also influence your eligibility. It may affect the court’s decision if you have a history of traffic offenses or a poor driving record. However, each case is evaluated individually, so a past judgment does not automatically disqualify you from obtaining the extraordinary license.

Application Process for Obtaining an Extraordinary License in WA

Imagine a situation where your driver’s license gets suspended in Western Australia (WA). It can be distressing and inconvenient, especially if you heavily rely on driving for work or daily activities. However, you can apply for an extraordinary license in WA, which will allow you to drive under certain circumstances even with a suspended license. Let’s explore the application process for the extraordinary license in WA.

1. Obtain Application Forms

The first step in the application process is to get the necessary forms for the extraordinary license application. You can usually find these forms on the official website of the WA Department of Transport or at the local Magistrates Court. It is essential to ensure you have the correct and updated forms before proceeding with your application.

2. Seek Legal Assistance

The process for extraordinary license applications can be complex and difficult. It is better to look for legal advice or assistance from a qualified traffic lawyer. A legal professional can guide you through the process, help you prepare your case, and ensure that all required documents are properly completed.

3. Complete Application Forms

Once you have the required forms and legal assistance needed, carefully complete all sections of the application forms. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed information about your personal circumstances and the reasons why you need an extraordinary license.

4. Gather Supporting Documents

Gather documents that prove your eligibility and support your reasons for needing the license. These may include a letter from your employer stating the importance of driving for your job, medical records confirming medical appointments, or letters of support from family and friends.

5. Lodge the Application

After completing the forms and gathering all necessary supporting documents, lodge your application with the Magistrates Court in the region where you live. Pay the required fees and ensure that your application is submitted within the specified time frame.

6. Attend the Court Hearing

Upon submitting your application, the court will schedule a hearing where you will present your case before a Magistrate. Clearly explain your need for an extraordinary license and provide all supporting documents to strengthen your case.

7. Comply with Court-Imposed Conditions

If the court grants you the extraordinary license, they may impose specific conditions that you must follow. These conditions could include limited driving hours, using an interlock device in your vehicle, or restricting you to certain areas. Strictly follow these conditions to avoid any further legal complications.

The Role of Lawyers for Obtaining an Extraordinary License in WA

The process of obtaining an extraordinary license can be complex. But with the help of the lawyers, you will have better chances at gaining success. Let us discuss the role of traffic lawyers in Perth WA, in helping individuals secure their licenses.

1. Understanding the Legal Aspects

Obtaining an extraordinary license involves legal procedures, court hearings, and a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding driving suspensions. Lawyers who specialize in traffic and license-related matters are well-versed in these legalities. They stay updated with the latest changes in the law, making them valuable guides for the applicants of an extraordinary license.

2. Providing Expert Advice

The lawyers assess each individual’s unique circumstances, evaluate their eligibility for an extraordinary license, and offer guidance on the best course of action. Lawyers can analyze specific reasons for the license suspension and determine whether those reasons meet the eligibility criteria for an extraordinary license.

3. Managing the Application Process

The application process for an extraordinary license can be overwhelming, with numerous forms and supporting documents to complete and submit. Lawyers assist their clients in this process. They ensure that all necessary forms are correctly filled out and that the required supporting documents are properly gathered and presented to the court.

4. Preparing Strong Arguments

A lawyer’s expertise lies in presenting strong arguments in the court hearing. They work with their clients to gather all relevant information and supporting documents that strengthen the case for granting an extraordinary license. Lawyers present arguments in a clear and convincing way, giving their clients the best chance of success.

5. Handling Legal Procedures

Dealing with legal procedures can be exhausting, especially for individuals unfamiliar with the legal system. Lawyers take charge of all legal proceedings related to obtaining the extraordinary license. They ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly, deadlines are met, and all required fees are paid on time.

6. Explaining Legal Rights and Obligations

Throughout the process, lawyers also educate their clients about their legal rights and obligations. They provide a clear understanding of what the extraordinary license entails and what responsibilities the client must fulfil to maintain the license. This ensures that clients are well informed and prepared to drive responsibly under the granted license.


An extraordinary license in WA is a special permit granted by the court that allows you to drive under specific conditions, even if your regular driver’s license is suspended. To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria and demonstrate a genuine need to drive. With the help of experienced traffic lawyers in Perth, provide strong supporting documents and comply with any conditions imposed. Doing so increases your chances of successfully obtaining an extraordinary license.

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