What Is The Process For Getting An Extraordinary License In Australia?

April 3, 2023    Traffic lawyers Perth
What Is The Process For Getting An Extraordinary License In Australia?

An extraordinary driver’s license, better known as an ‘e-license’, authorizes a person who is otherwise disqualified from driving under certain circumstances. This license is usually granted at the discretion of a magistrate in lieu of court-imposed disqualifications. Please note that you aren’t eligible to apply for an extraordinary license if you are subject to a demerit point suspension.

This article will provide you with informative insights into extraordinary license WA. While you dig further, you will also learn about the application procedure. Please keep reading until the article’s end to learn more about it.

Let’s dive in.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An Extraordinary License?

You can apply for an extraordinary drivers license WA if you’re under a court-imposed license suspension or disqualification.

Nevertheless, you won’t be eligible and cannot apply if:

  • You hold a Licence Suspension Order for significant infringements or unpaid fines.
  • You are under a notice of roadside disqualification from the police.
  • Your driving license has been disqualified in another state.
  • Your driving license has been disqualified as a result of excessive demerit points, including breaching Nothing or Double.

If your driving license was cancelled and you were disqualified from driving, then the court might make you sit for your driving test again. And if you qualify for your test, then the court might permit you to drive under an extraordinary license.

This might benefit you because of the following reasons:

  • You will not need to wait in a queue before retaking the driving test.
  • You won’t have to wait until your disqualification period ends only to reapply for a license.
  • When the tenure of your extraordinary license ends, you can return to driving with your regular driving license. It’s because you’ve already retaken your driving test, qualified, and have got back your license.

When Should I Apply For An Extraordinary License?

Please note that there are certain waiting periods that usually apply from the date of your license disqualification before applying for an EL. The exact waiting period depends on the reason why your driving license was disqualified. It also considers whether you have other pending traffic convictions or not.

In order to find out the waiting period that applies to you, you can get in touch with the best traffic lawyers Perth WA. If you wish to do all things by yourself, consider contacting the registry of the court.

In the worst-case scenario, your application might be refused. So, in such cases, you need to wait for six months before you can reapply.

Where Should I Apply For An Extraordinary License?

If a Magistrates Court disqualified your driving license, then you should apply for an EL to the Magistrates Court. But if you are under 18, you must lodge your complaint with the Children’s Court.

Application Procedure For An Extraordinary License In Western Australia

If you wish to apply for an extraordinary licence in WA, then you should lodge the application form and pay the accountable fee to the Magistrates Court. Please note that the application fee is around $150, which can be paid at the Court registry while lodging the application. You can also find the application form on the website of the Magistrates Court.

After the court accepts your application, you will receive a hearing date. On that stipulated day, you will need to appear before a magistrate.

Remember that there will be a representative for the Director General of Transport. And they might possibly argue against you being provided with an extraordinary driver’s license. In fact, for all the questions that will be asked by the magistrate and the director-general’s representative, you should answer them under oath.

Restating the grounds outlined in your written application won’t suffice. So, you will be required to provide evidence supporting your application. For instance, if you’re applying on the grounds of urgent medical treatment, then you should provide the following:

  • Clear evidence stating the prevailing medical condition.
  • Evidence demonstrating that other means of transport won’t grant you appropriate access to your treatment centre.Evidence demonstrating that other means of transport won’t grant you appropriate access to your treatment centre.
  • Evidence of the treatment for which you require immediate access.

You can always find a traffic lawyer and seek assistance while extracting this paperwork for evidence.

What Are Possible Conditions Likely To Be Attached To Your Extraordinary License?

The court is free to attach any condition they think is appropriate. Some of the most common ones include:

  • The number of days or hours for which you can drive.
  • The location or roads on which you are permitted to drive.
  • The purposes for which you can drive.
  • The vehicles you can drive, etc.

Please note that you can apply to change the conditions of your extraordinary license by making an application to the court.

According to your convictions, you might need to comply with the conditions of the Alcohol Interlock Scheme from the Department of Transport. You should do this before you can drive under the extraordinary license.

If you are ever charged with breaching the conditions of your extraordinary license, you will be fined. And at worst, your extraordinary license might get cancelled. On the other hand, if you breach the conditions stated for driving purpose, time, and location, your vehicle might be impounded by the police.

Do You Need A Lawyer To Apply For An Extraordinary License?

It is optional to acquire legal help while applying for an extraordinary license. However, there are many advantages to hiring traffic lawyers Perth when applying for an EL.

Experienced professionals will help you draft your written application and ensure that it addresses the relevant criteria. On the other hand, they will also guide you with the appropriate evidence that can support your EL application.

To Conclude

A lawyer can represent you at your court appearance. When you have a legal representative at your disposal it will alleviate your stress and anxiety. Furthermore, they ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

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