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According to the traffic rules and regulations of Australia, drink and drug driving are two most severe punishable traffic acts. If you commit either of these acts, you will become subject to a number of penalties. These can range from cancellation of your driving license, the imposition of certain amounts of fines, infringement, etc. Whether you are subject to a drug or a drink-drive case, the traffic lawyers Perth can assist you.

Penalties For Drug Driving

When driving in Perth after consuming any form of drug, you become subject to a drug driving charge. More importantly, it’s even more severe if a traffic police catches you driving with an illicit drug in your mouth. When that happens you become subject to a punishable offence like ‘Driving with Prescribed Illicit Drug in Oral Fluid’. Some of the possible penalties you can expect from your drug driving charge can be considered below.

  • The maximum penalty includes the deduction of your three double demerit points and a fine of $500.
  • If the drug driving issue is found to be even more severe, then the penalties can be a bit more complex. These can range from paying fine between $500-$1000 to the cancellation of your driver’s license for 6 months.
  • Another form of drug driving penalty is the ‘Drug Impaired Driving under the influence of Drugs’. This particular penalty applies if you are caught with an illicit or prescribed drug while driving. Besides, the penalty can also vary reasonably according to the severity of the situation. The first offender must pay a fine of $900-$2,500. This will be accompanied by the cancellation of his/her driver’s license for 10 months.
  • What’s next: The second offender needs to pay a fine of $2,100-$3, 500. This will be accompanied by the cancellation of his/her driver’s license for 30 months or more. The third offender has to pay a fine of $2,100-$5000. This will be teamed up with the permanent cancellation of his/her driver’s license or imprisonment for 18 months.

Ensuring the authenticity of these drug driving offences is not an easy task. That’s why the traffic police officials of Perth conduct some special blood and driver assessment test. Through these tests, they can ascertain the genuineness of any of these drug offences in an efficient manner.

Penalties For Drink Driving

If you get caught with a drink driving charge in Perth, Australia, then two possible penalties apply. These include the following:

  • Deduction of certain demerit points due to infringement or
  • A notice to turn up in person at the court of law. The Magistrate will subsequently decide which penalty you will become subject to according to the severity of the situation

You will get subject to an infringement issue only if your BAC level is between 0.05-0.079. If your BAC level is less than 0.02 or on a zero level, then also the same penalty will apply.

Who Can Help?

Whether you become subject to a drink or drug driving case, the best traffic lawyers Perth WA, can help you. Your appointed lawyer will first of all evaluate the exact nature of your case. After that he/she will suggest you the finest legal solution to resolve your drink or drug driving charge effectively.

For A Drink Driving Case

When you are charged of a drink driving case, either you are penalized or your driver’s license gets cancelled. A competent drink driving lawyer in Perth will look into your case in detail first. Then he/she will meticulously identify that whether you are the 1st, 2nd or 3rd category offender.

What’s Next?

Followed by this, your lawyer will give you useful tips and ideas from time to time. This way, you can get over your drink driving case quickly and efficiently. What’s more, your drink driving lawyer will also acquaint you with the different traffic rules and regulations of Perth, Australia. This will make you cautious to commit this kind of hazardous act in future.

For A Drug Driving Case

As per the Sections 64AC and 64AB, drug driving implies the act of driving under the effects of a drug form. This basically includes two different situations. The first one includes when an illicit drug is found in the person’s blood or oral fluid while driving. The second situation includes when the person gets completely impaired due to the effects of a drug while driving.

Let’s Go Ahead

When such events take place with you, only the top traffic offence lawyer can help you. Your drug driving lawyer will start the legal procedure with a thorough appraisal of your case. Then, your lawyer will evaluate the possible penalties you may become subject to. He/she will make sure that whether your case is defendable at the court of law or not. At last, your drug driving lawyer will recommend you a compatible legal plan. This will help you to achieve the best results related to your drug driving case.

Why Choose The Best Traffic Lawyer In Perth?

When you become subject to a traffic issue in Perth, it can inflict your life both personally and professionally. You either end up paying astronomical fines or facing severe penalties. In fact, in some traffic offences of Perth, you might encounter certain deductions in your demerit points. A team of qualified and efficient traffic lawyers in Perth can resolve any traffic related case quite intelligently. When you are charged with a traffic offence, it can have deleterious effects on your life.

What’s Next?

A top-notch traffic lawyer in Perth is adept at presenting your traffic related case skilfully to the Australian court. Besides, your lawyer will do this only if he/she considers your traffic offence to be defendable enough. Some of the other areas the finest traffic lawyers in Perth deal with include the following.

  • Disqualified Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Issuance of Extraordinary Licenses
  • Dangerous Driving etc.

If you also need assistance regarding any of the areas mentioned above, then, choose only the best traffic lawyers, Perth.

Choose The Best Lawyers

Don’t waste time anymore! If you have become a subject to a drug or drink driving offence, choose only the leading traffic lawyers.