Posted by trafficlawyersblog on April 19, 2021

Challenging traffic rules can become quite a nightmare but getting your license or permit cancelled is the real deal breaker. Disqualified driving means you lose the right to hold or obtain a license for a marked time frame.

What Leads To Cancellation Of A Driver’s License Or Permit?

Cancellation of your permit means an official suspension from driving for a specific time period as per the court’s verdict. A person’s license gets disqualified when he is being held responsible for committing traffic rule offences. Here’s a quick look at the list of offences that could get you and your driver’s license in deep trouble:

  • Accumulating 12 demerit points or more
  • Accumulating 4 demerit points or more on a learner’s permit
  • Accumulating 2 demerit points on more on a probationary license
  • Breaching of a good behaviour condition while holding a driver’s license
  • Breaching of a safer driver agreement when on a learner’s permit
  • Breaching a condition when on a license, learner’s permit or a probationary license
  • Committing a drug driving or drunk driving, speed, or graffiti offence
  • Missing out on unpaid outstanding fines
  • Resisting a blood test, breath test or drug test

What Are Demerit Points?

Demerit points are penalty points that get allocated to an individual for committing road offences. This point program is a measure to ensure safe, supervised and lawful driving. If a person is holding a driver’s license for a period of two years or more and is simultaneously accumulating 12 or more demerit points within the same time limit, then he is convicted with a demerit charge and a suspended driver’s license. Demerit points have limits depending on the type of license an individual holds. Exceeding the demerit point limit leads to cancellation of a license.

License Suspension Order

It is a legal order imposed against unpaid fines or infringement. It is an offence to drive when on a License Suspension Order. To get the order removed or lifted, the convicted individual has to follow all the under mentioned steps:

Unpaid Fines

  • Clearing out fine payments
  • Appling for a time to pay arrangement
  • Applying to the Fines Enforcement Registrar asking for the order cancellation
  • Applying to the court to set the order aside
  • Applying for a re-hearing, in case the fine was imposed in your absence

Unpaid Infringement

  • Paying the infringement
  • Appling for a time to pay arrangement
  • Applying to the Fines Enforcement Registrar asking for the order cancellation
  • Applying to the court to set the order aside
  • Electing for a dispute against the infringement

How To Get Your Disqualified License Reinstituted? 

  • Read The Suspension Notice

Reading your suspension notice will aid in knowing all about the suspension, the grounds of the charge, the period of suspension. The time frame of suspension usually depends on the seriousness of the offence.

  • Take The Necessary Tests

A driving test post suspension may or may not be necessary depending on the state or territory. However, a driving course or test ensures that the convicted person charged with a driving offence is serious about the disqualification period and is up and awake to abide by lawful driving the next time.

  • Get A Car Insurance Done

Insuring your car against accidental damages is a good way to up the safety game. Although on a suspension period, getting an insurance done might be a tad bit complex. Refer to various insurance agents, review policies, pricing and risk limits before rounding up to a final decision.

  • Clear Out Payments

If the charging ground of your driving offence says unpaid fines, make all the payments as soon as possible. Often, restoring a license’s validity requires a payment. Clear out all unpaid fines or unpaid infringement, if any.

  • Do Not Drive With A Suspended License

Under no circumstance, should you be seen driving without a valid license Suspension periods could be extended or the application for a new license could be revoked. The consequences are massive. Penalties or even jail time could be added to your driving record.

  • Consult Concerned Authorities For Advice

Consult traffic lawyers directly for the best guidance. They know the law and will help you escape the intricacies with reliable advice. The more experienced a lawyer, the more easily you get to follow up correctly with the requirements to obtain a new driver’s license.

  • Research                                                                     

Research everything prior to taking any decision. Research the insurance offers and types, research about the traffic lawyers, research your state’s policies and protocols associated with traffic offences. Research is the key to getting back a license after disqualification without hurdles or unnecessary blocks. Take notes and follow up while you wait out your disqualification period.

Getting a license back after cancellation can be quite the issue if you do not know much about your respective state’s rules and protocols. Traffic lawyers in Perth recommend keeping a check on your driving record to stay updated on demerit points and avoid committing offences.