What are the Primary Duties of an Australian Reckless Driving Lawyer?

May 21, 2024    Traffic lawyers Perth
What are the Primary Duties of an Australian Reckless Driving Lawyer?

In Perth, WA, where the roads are thriving, rash driving or reckless driving is at its peak, and the legal implications are stringent, the role of a reckless driving lawyer in Perth has become indispensable. The Western Australian Government has taken strict initiatives against reckless driving or hoon driving under the Road Traffic Act 1974, which is authorised to disqualify your driving licence for an extended period and, in some cases, can even take you to prison.

If you ever face any such cases, it’s high time to identify the primary duties of an Australian reckless driving lawyer and what they can do to help in these situations.

What is Reckless Driving in Perth WA?

According to the legal definition of Western Australia, reckless driving, which includes racing on streets, burnouts, and sometimes road rage, is when you wilfully drive at a peak speed or in a manner that is completely dangerous to any person or the public. It is also under penalty when your speed exceeds 45 km/hr over the speed limit or when driving your vehicle at 155 km/hr or above.

This is where reckless driving lawyers and traffic lawyers in Perth WA, come to your aid. This comprehensive guide will help you to know the primary responsibilities of an Australian reckless driving lawyer:

1. Assessment of Case:

The prime duty of a reckless driving lawyer in Perth is to perform a thorough assessment of the case. This includes reviewing the facts, the presented evidence, the prosecution, and any situation that may mitigate the situation.

The experienced and best traffic lawyers in Perth WA, are experts at identifying the weaknesses in the case of the prosecution, for instance, identifying inaccuracies in the evidence of speed.

2. Providing Legal Advice:

Assisting you by providing detailed legal advice is the fundamental duty of a reckless driving traffic lawyer in Perth. You will be explained all the legal options available, the nature of penalties, and the best action to take. This advice is entirely based on traffic laws in Western Australia.

3. Representing in the Court:

The assistance of a reckless driving lawyer in Perth is highly essential if your case goes to court. These experienced reckless driving lawyers in Perth are trained and experts in handling reckless driving in WA cases inside the courtroom.

They are brilliant in presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and arguing the case in your favour.

4. Negotiation in Penalties:

The chief aim of a traffic lawyer in Perth is to reduce and negotiate the penalty. A reckless driving ticket lawyer is well-trained to negotiate with the prosecutor for a lesser penalty or favourable solution. This includes negotiating and reducing penalties and preventing licence suspension or avoiding of criminal records.

5. Effective Communication with the Client:

Experienced traffic lawyers in Perth WA, will always keep you informed about the proceedings and progress of the case and information related to other documents. The lawyer will always be responsible for communicating effectively with you.

6. Preparation of Legal Documentation and Paperwork

Managing and handling legal documents and ensuring that all documents are accurate is another major duty of a reckless driving lawyer in Perth. They prepare submissions, applications for appeals against licence suspension, and paperwork of all their legal documents.

7. Educating and Preventing You From Future Troubles:

An experienced traffic lawyer in Perth helps you by assisting you in legal proceedings and advising you on how to avoid future troubles. The lawyer will educate you regarding safe driving and the legal repercussions of reckless driving in the future.

Choosing the Best Experienced Traffic Lawyer in Perth:

When you need assistance from a traffic lawyer in Perth, WA, you should look for one specialising in traffic law with a lot of experience handling reckless driving cases in WA. You need to check their success records to avoid failure and refer to client testimonials.


The duties of a reckless driving lawyer in Perth are wide-ranging, and a deep insight into the traffic laws of Western Australia is needed. Whether representing a client in court, negotiating the penalty, or providing legal advice and education, a reckless driving lawyer is irreplaceable while managing issues related to reckless driving in Western Australia. If you encounter a case of reckless driving, seek the help of the best experienced reckless driving lawyer in Perth.

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