What Are The Reckless And Dangerous Driving Penalties In Australia?

January 5, 2021    Traffic lawyers Perth
What Are The Reckless And Dangerous Driving Penalties In Australia?

When you drive your vehicle at a breakneck speed, that is what is referred to as reckless driving. During a dangerous or reckless driving, the normal speed limit is conventionally crossed specified by the traffic authority of Australia. In such a situation, you might be incurred by an unprecedented penalty or some penalties. This penalty will ramp up and change according to the disqualified license and the fine received. To get the choicest legal assistance, you can always feel free to contact the best traffic offence lawyers.

An Introduction To Reckless And Dangerous Driving

The actions of reckless and dangerous driving are almost considered quite similar to each other. However, there is a fine line distinction between the two. To elucidate everything to you, here is a brief introduction to both dangerous as well as reckless driving.

  • Dangerous Driving:

    The act of dangerous driving generally falls under the category of Section 61 of the Road Traffic Act (1974). It refers to a way of driving where the driver poses a danger on a person or the public in general. It has been furthermore divided into two individual categories i.e. Section 59 and 59A. The former includes a grim bodily damage or demise of the person being injured. Conversely, Section 59A involves a merely physical harm to the person being injured. Both these acts must be committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol for being considered as punishable offences.


  • Reckless Driving:

    At times, some drivers of Western Australia tend to drive at a dangerously fast speed. Such a kind of driving might prove to be deadly for the public in general or any person in particular. This type of driving is referred to as ‘Reckless Driving’ in Perth and the entire Australia in general. However, certain factors have to play a significant role behind the occurrence of this event. Say for instance, driving above 45km or 155km per hour on any particular road which is stretched.

So, have you until recently been convicted with either dangerous or reckless driving in Perth, Western Australia? If your reply is yes, then, contact the top traffic lawyers in Perth to get the best legal help ever.

Possible Penalties For Dangerous And Reckless Driving

Since, both dangerous and reckless driving are considered as punishable offences, they will incur you with some exemplary penalties. Penalties which apply to both reckless and dangerous driving can be considered below.

Penalties For Reckless Driving

The penalties for driving in a Reckless Speed and Manner comprise the Road Traffic Act 1974 of Western Australia. These penalties will differ reasonably depending on the circumstances under which the act was committed. Irrespective of the severity of the case, the offender will become subject to two individual penalties without an iota of doubt. The first one includes the disqualification of your driver’s license at least for six months and not less. Secondly, it includes a jail sentence for a reasonable period of time.

Can Imprisonment Be Avoided?

Yes, it can be avoided which happens in most of the cases. Nevertheless, the offender will encounter some penalties which are quite exemplary. These penalties are again accompanied by the disqualification of your driver’s license. A complete checklist of these penalties has been outlined below for you.

  • A fine as big as AU$12,000 incurred for additional offences
  • A fine which is as great as AU$9,000 for a second category offences and
  • A fine which is as massive as AU$6,000 for first category offences

These penalties will however differ somewhat which are again subject to several different factors. Ironically, every time when a case is different so is its pertinent factors. The number of factors is however kept as nominal as possible to ensure a fair legal representation.

Penalties That Apply To Dangerous Driving

The potential penalties for dangerous driving comprise Section 61 (3)(a). These penalties can be of different types according to the severity of the incident. A comprehensive checklist of these penalties can be considered below.

  • License suspension at least for twelve months or a jail sentence for nine months
  • A fine as high as AU$2000 and
  • A fine as low as AU$800

To get over the predicament of these penalties, seeking the help of a competent lawyer is imperative. The reckless driving lawyers in Perth are the ultimate solution to your problem. Contacting these lawyers is just an email or call away. Rest assured that you will get the choicest legal help instead.

Additional Penalties For Dangerous Driving In Australia

Certain actions are also considered as punishable comprising subsection 4 of Section 61(3) (a). These chiefly include the following:

  • Driving in a Reckless Manner according to Section 60
  • Any action which the person had committed before comprising section 59A (dangerous driving resulting in bodily harm)
  • Any action which the person had committed before comprising section 59 (dangerous driving resulting a serious physical injury or death of the victim)

The severity of these previously committed acts will however vary according to certain factors. Say for instance, whether the act is considered to be the first incident or a subsequent event. Second of all, whether or not the previously committed offence is worth being excluded or not. However, in most of the cases, the latter is not the case and the offence is not excluded from the list of the offences.

How The Best Traffic Lawyer In Perth Can Help You?

The top dangerous driving lawyers and reckless driving lawyers in Perth are there to assist you in the finest possible manner. Following are the ways in which these lawyers can help you.

  • Your lawyer will evaluate your case painstakingly first
  • Subsequently, your lawyer will identify the potential repercussions which the charge will pose on you.
  • Then, your lawyer will present your case to court of Australia effectively.
  • Finally, your lawyer will opt for the most compelling defense to ensure the best outcome for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a traffic lawyer in Perth, Australia right away. Rest assured that you will be able to get over your legal case in the best possible way.

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