How To Deal With Traffic Ticket Penalties During Covid-19 In Australia?

September 2, 2020    Traffic lawyers Perth
How To Deal With Traffic Ticket Penalties During Covid-19 In Australia?

Australia conforms to stringent traffic rules. In spite of the occurrence of Covid-19, the traffic protocol of Australia hasn’t changed at all. So, make sure you don’t breach any single traffic rule of Australia in any way. If you do so, you will be incurred with an exemplary penalty for sure. To get over this situation, the best traffic lawyers in Perth can help you in this regard. Today’s write-up will familiarise you with the several ways of dealing with traffic ticket penalties in Australia during Covid-19. 

Four crucial factors worth remembering

Breaching the traffic rules in Australia can result in dire consequences. During a situation like Covid-19, people need to remain extra careful. Violating any traffic rule can result in mild to severe penalties. The penalty can even culminate in the disqualification of your driving license. So, have you also been exposed to a reasonable traffic ticket penalty? Then, consider the four crucial factors given below.

  • As a lay person, it’s natural for you to stay oblivious of your legal rights while driving in Australia. In that case, you must get premium legal assistance. Needless to say, the best traffic lawyers in Perth can provide you the best service. 
  • Never ever ignore your traffic ticket penalty at all. If you do so, you will have to pay a lot more than the actual sum. It can result in even more serious consequences. Some of these include forcibly confiscating or buying your property, wheel-clamping your car etc.
  • You can get your fine cancelled/withdrawn if you consider it unjust or incorrect. If your plea doesn’t get approved, you can challenge the fine at the regional court as well. This must include the amount you will pay and whether or not you will pay it.
  • Paying a lump sum fine may be a bit difficult for you. In that case, you can ask the Australian Court pay it through an easy instalment plan.

Traffic lawyers in Perth have the finest knowledge and acumen to deal with such situations efficiently. After scrutinising your case thoroughly, they will present your case to the Australian Court. At the end, your lawyer will yield the best defence against your case only if possible.

People considered eligible for paying traffic fines

The Chief Health Officer’s protocol consists of many directions which must be followed when you are driving in Australia. A number of agencies leave no stone unturned in ensuring the effective compliance of these rules. People who violate these rules become eligible for traffic fines. Generally, legitimate organizations and police officers are responsible while incurring these fines. So, we all are passing through the crisis of Covid-19. In such a situation, if you have to pay huge traffic fines, it’s simply not worth it.  

Infringement Notice: An Introduction

Sometimes, you might not have to pay the fine. This depends upon the circumstances under which you had to violate the directions on the road. According to that, the police may or may not fine you. Alternatively, the police may give you a warning instead of a fine. Whether or not the police will fine you will entirely depend on them. In case you are fined, the police will hand you over a document. This document is conventionally known as the Infringement Notice.

Disagreement with fine during Covid-19

Police will double-check each of the fines especially during a situation like Covid-19 in Australia. The police or may or may not cancel your fine depending on your circumstances. So, how to avoid the mental stress of this uncertain situation? Well, all you need to do for that is contact an accomplished traffic offence lawyer in Perth. The lawyer will make you resort to the right strategies before the due date gets over.

Duration to pay the fine

Conventionally, the time-frame to pay the fine is within 21 days from the date on which the fine was incurred.

Inability to pay fine during Covid-19

Due to the crisis of the Coronavirus, many people have lost their jobs. If you are one of them, then ‘Services Australia’ will definitely help you in this regard. You can also contact the ‘Australian National Debt Helpline’ services. You seek the latter’s assistance in case you are severely indebted and facing some grim financial issues. In case, you are unable to pay your fine timely, then you can adhere to two strategies outlined below.

  1. Request for an extension

This step requires you request for an extension to pay your traffic fine. Remember, when you will pay the fine, you need to pay the whole amount then. If you wish you can also pay the amount over several small instalments and request for the same.

  • Request for paying via instalments

You can request to pay the amount over a number of instalments as well. You can either pay each instalment every month or fortnight till paying the entire amount. You can lodge an application for this online as well or contact the pertinent authority.

An overview of the Australian fine review

The police of Australia even review your fine but you have to request for it authentically. You won’t need to pay any fine until the final verdict of your fine review comes out. You can ask the police to get your fine reviewed under the following circumstances.

Non-compliance under special circumstances

It may happen that you couldn’t adhere to the directions under some special circumstances. These include intellectual, mental ailment and drug addiction etc.

Non-compliance under uncommon circumstances

Exceptional circumstances imply that an exclusively different situation occurred for which you couldn’t follow the directions.

Substantial reason

You can also cite a substantial reason for which you were unable to pay the fine.

Vague ground

If you think that you are paying the fine on a baseless ground, then you can ask for a review. Say for instance, you didn’t do anything to breach the traffic protocol.  

Hire a traffic lawyer in Perth!

So, seek the matchless assistance of the best traffic lawyers Perth today! This way you can avoid the hassle of paying those unexpected traffic fines during Covid-19.

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