Know About All The Traffic Rules & Regulations Of 2020 For Using Mobile While Driving In Australia

October 12, 2020    Traffic lawyers Perth
Know About All The Traffic Rules & Regulations Of 2020 For Using Mobile While Driving In Australia

Australia is a nation which strictly prohibits the usage of mobile-phone while a person is driving on the road. To touch the phone to receive and end a call, the driver’s phone must be connected to a mounting without a failure. Again, this mounting should be fixed to the car. The driver can receive and end the call without touching the phone if it isn’t connected to the mounting. Say for instance, via head set, ear piece, Bluetooth-hands-free car kit or voice messaging.

When A Driver Is Penalised?

Apart from receiving and ending a call by touching the phone, drivers in Australia can be penalised for other reasons. They will be incurred by a mobile driving penalty if they are looking at, sending or creating:

  • An email
  • A video message
  • A text message or
  • Any other textual mode of communication

These penalties apply even if your phone can be used without physical touch or is secured to a mounting. If you have become subject to a mobile driving offence in Australia, you must seek legal help immediately. Get in touch with the top traffic offence lawyers in Perth to get over this situation impeccably.

Resultant Penalties Of Mobile Phone Driving In Australia

According to the Road Traffic Code 2000 of Western Australia, certain mobile driving penalties have been introduced from 1st September, 2020. So, before you hire a traffic lawyer in Perth, you must become aware of these penalties first. An introduction to each of these penalties can be considered below.

  • Holding or touching a mobile phone improperly while ending, making or receiving a voice call: If you have become subject to this penalty, then, you need to pay a fine of $500. Aside from that, 3 demerit points will also apply to you as part of this penalty.
  • Looking at, making or sending a video, social media message, image, email, text or a similar content: This penalty is considered even more serious than the one stated above. If you become subject to this penalty, then you will be incurred by 4 demerit points. Besides, you also need to pay a fine of AU$1000.

So, have you also been incurred by any of the penalties given above? Then, hire a traffic lawyer in Perth to keep such penalties at bay.

Western Australia Witnesses A Greater Number Of Penalties

The state government of Western Australia increased penalties for illegitimate mobile phone driving. Cyclists, riders and drivers are affected by these penalties alike. There are two possible reasons for which the Western Australian government has increased these penalties. These include increasing inattention or distraction amongst drivers, cyclists and riders. Hopefully, this decision will reduce road trauma in Western Australia to a great extent. Fatality rate rose by 19% due to inattention in 2019. This is a 48% increment in comparison with the past 5 years’ fatality rate.

How Traffic Lawyers, Perth Can Help You?

Traffic fines can range from different infringements and can culminate in the disqualification of your driver’s license. A range of traffic ticket penalties also apply in the case of other traffic offences. Since these penalties are in effect, that doesn’t imply that you cannot get over these situations. When the top traffic lawyers in Perth are there by your side you don’t have to worry about anything. While evaluating your case, your lawyer will consider every small detail to bring out the best legal solution for you.

Some Alterations In The Mobile Phone Penalties

Perth has almost become the hub of qualified lawyers in the whole of Western Australia. Keeping this factor in mind, the Western Australian government has decided to increase their traffic penalties. The government has done this by revamping its Regulation 265 of the Road Traffic Code 2000. These penalties have already been enforced from 1st September, 2020. Drivers, riders and cyclists will be equally affected by these penalties.

Usage Of Map App On The Mobile Phone: Illegal Or Legal?

Unlike the mobile driving penalties above, drivers won’t be incurred by any penalty for using map applications on their mobile-phones. They can certainly use it as a navigational tool. Again, certain rules apply if they wish to optimise this facility. These require the phone to be placed in a mounting which must be affixed to the car. Besides, a particular itinerary should be set before the journey begins. You will be penalised if you touch the phone to change your navigational app’s function.

The Type Of Penalty!

The penalty above will apply even if the phone was affixed to a mounting. Then, you will have to pay a fine of $1000. Additionally, 4 demerits points will also apply on you as a part of this penalty.

What If You Use CB/UHF Radios?

According to Western Australia’s Road Traffic Code 2000, certain devices are not considered mobile phones. These include a CB radio or any form of dual-way radio. So, drivers using such devices are liberated from the pertinent protocol and penalties. Even after that you are penalised, you must seek legal help immediately. Contact the top traffic lawyers in Perth and resolve your case in finest possible way. If possible your lawyer will also obtain a compensation against the baseless traffic allegation brought to you.

Other Services Provided By Traffic Lawyers In Perth!

Apart from saving you from mobile driving penalties, traffic lawyers Perth also offer the following services to their clients. These include the following:

  • Services related to unauthorised or disqualified driving
  • Services related to drink driving penalties and drug driving cases
  • Services related to the Hoon legislation
  • Services pertaining to repetitive drink driving cases
  • Legal assistance concerning the various drink driving offences
  • Services related to careless driving or dangerous driving and
  • Legal assistance in case you are incurred by speeding fines.

It may happen that your traffic offence is also falling under the category of criminal offence. In that case hire a traffic lawyer who has the knowledge and acumen in this field. Rest assured that your lawyer will take instant actions concerning your case. This way they will resolve your case in the most satisfying manner. So, contact the best traffics lawyers Perth WA today!

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